Thoughts a Day After Closing

So … this is a long one … I beg your indulgence … As it often happens many of us are experiencing different levels of post-show blues. In my years of doing this I have seen a direct correlation between how wonderful the show was to how

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Welcome to the Guild

I’ve never been much of a blogger … sure I like to post about things I hate on Facebook as much as the next guy but a whole entry? That requires thought and a desire to “say something.” I started going through topics in my head about what

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Where’s the Orchestra?

Julie Malloy directs the South Pacific orchestra behind the stage in the shop at the Players Guild of Dearborn. During the run of South Pacific we’ve had lots of comments and questions about the orchestra. Some patrons have thought the music was canned. Others thought the orchestra

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Stay Golden

Will Turbett, author of this blog post, in his favorite seat in the Green Room at the Guild. And now for something completely different, a blog post by someone else. Hello folks, William Turbett here. I was recently asked by Tom Sparrow to write a blog post

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South Pacific X

Being that the show is set in the South Pacific during World War II, unique props are required. You need a lot of military stuff. A relative of Diane Cliff, Co-Prop Chair for the show, loaned us a military radio from that era. Lots of folks loaded duffle

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South Pacific IX

Nellie (Kathleen Duffy) and Emile (Mike Moseley) working on “Some Enchanted Evening” during the Sitzprobe. Sitzprobe was a new theatre term for me. I’d never heard it before. Here’s what Google says about it. “Sitzprobe is a German term used in opera and musical theatre to describe

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South Pacific – VIII

Director Brian Townsend takes a publicity photo of Tom Davis (Luther Billis) and Colleen Meade Ripper (Bloody Mary). We ran Act II tonight for the first time and it really went quite well. There’s a lot of comedy and a lot of drama in Act II as South

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South Pacific VII – The Womens’ Ensemble

Kathleen Duffy (Nellie Forbush – in the gray long-sleeved tee) and members of the Womens’ Ensemble practice the dance for “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair.” Before my rehearsal last night I watched Kathleen Duffy (Nellie Forbush) and the Womens’ Ensemble practicing “I’m Gonna

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South Pacific VI – Stage Night

Thursday night is Stage Night at the Guild. At least on most Thursday nights the “stage guys” assemble at the Guild to either tear down the last show, build up the next show, or tend to stage and shop problems. From time to time, they also do

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Meanwhile in the Green Room

Moving around the room, starting from the bottom left, Ross Grossman’s legs, Chris Boudreau, Diane Cliff, Diane Kaplan, Jeff Bartos, Steve Gautreau, John Sczomak, Alan Ellias, and James Mayne at the Debriefing for The 39 Steps. Shortly after a show ends, James Mayne, our Production Governor, convenes

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