Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Players Guild of Dearborn

Board Retreat – April 29, 2017

U of M Dearborn

Facilitator: Lee Meadows, PhD

Participants: Nancy Valentini; Denise Kowalewski-Tucker; David Wood; Ron Williams; Mike Moseley; Tracey Boudreau; Chris Boudreau; Tom Sparrow; Frann Stempek; Inez Hernandez; Julie Ballantyne-Brown; Richard Moore; Patti Jones; John Sczomak

Pre-Meeting Questions to Participants:
1. What do you see as the important considerations for the strategic planning off-site?
2. What barriers may prevent the off-site from being successful?
3. What issues need to be addressed to make the off-site successful?
4. Is there any specific thing you need me to know going into the off-site?
5. Once we formulate a plan, what do you think might be barriers to implementation?
6. What is the outcome you’d like to see at day’s end?

Dr. Meadows supplied a handout “Steps for Moving Forward” to aid in the group discussion. Topics included:
Who we serve
Elevator Pitch
Aspirational Vision

Crafting a Brighter Future
Additional Funding Sources
Replenishing Talent
Expanding Community Outreach

Strategies to Support the Issue
What current activities will not support the mission?

1 Year Goals
Quarterly Goals
Monthly Goals

• 90% sellout shows
• Increase subscribers (season ticket holders)
• A leader in community theatre
• A program to pipeline high school students into membership
• Expand the “active” membership. (Increase member participation in shows)
• A mentorship/welcoming program for new members
• Actively reaching out to members for committee work (membership forms distributed to governors)
• Stronger community presence. Broader approach to promoting information
• Governor traning/orientation
• Sign-up genius for committees
• Internal communication strategies


Strategic Issues

Communication –Technology/Multimedia

Sort type of communication for:

• All area – preferred
• Required
• Offer page under alias
• Text message? Sign up with limits
Emergency situations

New Marquee
• Outside banner on lamp post
• Billboards – Westborn, banks
• Contact info /hours on building
Issues with ordinances
Use communication with city officials

• Utilize advertising functions
• Boost page
• Give budget

Long Term Aspirations

• Maintaining an accessible history
• Technology – keeping up with the times
• Increase in multimedia
• Ongoing corporate sponsorships
• Leveraging of relationships
• Increase in outreach to the community**
• Commitment vs. hard decisions regarding building


Strategic Thinking

Value Factors
• History
• Physical Space
• Sustainability

Community Outreach
• Subscribers
• Memberships

Leveraging Relationships
• Partnerships
• Networks

• Multimedia
• Funding Sources

Strategic Issues

Leveraging Relationships
Business Relationships
• Corporate
• Sponsorships
• Community Businesses
• Chamber of Commerce – appoint a representative
• Our Members
• Current Donors
• Greenland Market


• Partnerships with Ford: New developments
• Become more involved with Dearborn Chamber of Commerce – Welcome Wagon
• Contact with members – keep in touch
Birthday/Anniversary database
• Restaurant/Ticket Package
• Membership business connections
• Guild tours

Leveraging relationships with potential donors

• Dinners? Champagne previews?
• Understand relationship elements by looking at successful organizational relationships (e.g., DSO)
• Offer cameos for donations
• Freshen up donor perks
• Givebacks to the donor base (pins)
• Donor Spotlight in the program
• News and Cues sent to Donors
• Sponsor Names on T-shirts


Go Viral!
• Utilize Creative Members – Mike Mayne, James Mayne
• Podcast – Dom Valentini, Chris Boudreau, Tiffany Mullins
• Ask questions
• Scripting a video

Use Teasers for Seasons
• Film or Online Commercial
• Mannequin Challenge

• Place a note asking to post in a business
• Larger posters for businesses

How to use YouTube?

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