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Support Us

We offer two tax-deductible ways for you, our community of friends, to help support our theater. As most of you know, the Guild relies on ticket revenue to fund our operating budget. Our members are all volunteers and the Guild is always thrifty, committed to living within our means. But the costs of putting on shows—royalties, costumes, lights, tools, all the things we need to work our magic—continue to go up. Did you know the Guild must pay a royalty for every performance of each show? For musicals, the royalties are thousands of dollars—the more popular or contemporary the show, the higher the royalties.

For improvements to the theatre itself, we rely on activities such as 50/50 ticket sales, fundraising events such as the Guildlings, gala performances, and your many generous contributions. After more than fifty years, our building is old and doesn’t serve all of our needs as well as it originally did.

To meet these needs, we are setting up two funds: one to support our theatrical operations and the other to support our much needed renovations and improvements to the building.

The first fund is the Giving Fund. The Giving Fund enhances our operating budget and will allow us to include an automated ticket system to smooth and speed up the ticketing process, upgrade our lighting and sound equipment, buy tools for the shop, etc.

The Giving Fund has several levels of recognition and your name will be published in each season’s program based on your level of contribution.

For improvements and renovations to the Building itself—the theatre, clubroom and the shop—we offer the Building Fund. We have plans and bids for completing two more phases of major building renovation. One phase will rebuild the shop and backstage dressing rooms, to give us more space and significantly reduce our winter heating bills. The other phase completes expansion of the lobby to include a bigger ticket booth and separate office area. Our current “office” is often buried beneath layers of costumes!

This past year we completed the first phase of the renovation—the new entranceway and lobby expansion. Everyone we know loves the convenience and new look—the positive comments have been overwhelming!

The estimated cost of the next two improvement phases exceeds $500,000, because each is bigger and more complicated than the recent new entranceway and lobby expansion. These phases will be undertaken only as we feel financially able to do so. Future plans also include making our house more comfortable with better seats and sight lines. The Building Fund offers several levels of recognition for those of you who make the additional commitment of helping us build a better, more modern theater.  Your name will be published in each season’s program based on your level of contribution.

We remain committed to keeping ticket prices affordable, but we also want to keep bringing our audiences the theatre they want to see in the theater they want to see it in. These two funds will allow you to tell us how to use the money you donate to the Guild. We understand that everyone must choose the organizations they wish to support and we hope that you will continue to choose us—an 85-year-old and still counting star of the community! Thank you so much for your continued attendance and support.

The Players Guild of Dearborn

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