Now Is the Perfect Time to Take Your Seat…

As you most likely know, the Players Guild of Dearborn’s auditorium and clubroom were substantially renovated in 2013. Our auditorium received a new floor and comfortable new seats, and the clubroom floor was leveled out and tiled.

What you most likely don’t know is we’re still paying for it! The improved seating, re-plastering, and re-hanging of lighting bars as well as the leveling and re-flooring of our clubroom were desperately needed, and have been a resounding success. They have made our theater more comfortable for our patrons and enhanced the overall experience at the Players Guild.

The cost of doing all this work was substantial. With the hard work of Players Guild members and help from some of our patrons, we’ve made a dent in our loan, but we really want to pay this off. The Players Guild is an all-volunteer community theater and we need the help of the community to keep it strong and providing high-quality arts entertainment.

SPONSOR A SEAT: You can sponsor your seat for $300. In doing so, we will imprint your name (or whatever name you want) for posterity on a plaque that will be placed on an available seat. Anyone purchasing a seat in this season will get a seat plaque and a listing in our program.

SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN: We also welcome any donations! Any contribution you’d like to make, from $10 up, will help our organization and you will be listed in the program throughout the season.

To sponsor a seat or to support the campaign, please contact Amy Jones at

We also recognize that finances may be tight. We’re always on the lookout for volunteer energy, which can go a long way. Contact our Membership Governor, Tom Varitek, at if you’re interested in joining the Players Guild.