Facilities Planning

Facilities Maintenance Plan for 2017-2018

Building Committee: Phil Booth (Chair); David Wood; Chris Boudreau; David Kanclerz; David James; Theresa Booth; Richard Marengere; Richard Moore (Finance); Ron Williams;
John Sczomak (President)

Facilities Maintenance Goal – the Players Guild building and grounds should be safe, comfortable, and energy efficient.


Parking Lots Renovations (Partial completion 8/17).

Complete the upgrade of fly system (Partial completion (2015)

Office Renovation (projected completion 5/18)

Reflooring of sub-basement

Repaint of main hallway (projected completion 3/18)

Upgrading of show pictures

Eliminate ice dams on Cleveland side of building

Replace show curtains, including grand curtain

Replace fluorescent lighting with LED lighting (ongoing_

Reconstitute attic space

Closed Circuit Surveillance System

Abate side door leak

Investigate Keyless system

Fireplace Improvement (completed 2/18)

Lobby Renovation