Long-Term Strategic Planning

On October, 27, 2018, a Players Guild of Dearborn Strategic Planning Meeting was held at the Learning Center of The Henry Ford. There were 18 participants from the Board of Governors, Past Presidents and invited guests. Tom Varitek from The Henry Ford facilitated the session.

The session focus was on reviewing how the Players Guild provides value and quality, as well as how these constructs might be measured and improved.

Tom Varitek leads the 2018 Strategic Planning Meeting.

The meeting resulted in the following organization goal recommendations:

– Continued focus and increased efforts on community involvement and giving back to the community.

– Improve measurement on how we impact patrons’ lives.

– Maintain high focus on “Welcoming” attitude across membership. Establish Guild as “second home” to members, especially families.

– Increase efforts in establishing the Guild as a “Learning Organization.”

– Ensure Guildlings are established as the “next generation” of the Players Guild in terms of support and mentoring.

– Improve Diversity of Membership.

– Improve non-production participation of Membership.

– Reduce debt and improve cash balance.

– Improve interactive outlets, eg. “flying squad” of Guild members available to do presentations.