Laughing Stock

by Charles Morey

The Play

A hilarious backstage farce and a genuinely affectionate look into the world of the theatre and the people who bring it to life. When The Playhouse, a rustic New England summer theatre, schedules a repertory season of Dracula, Hamlet and Charley’s Aunt, comic mayhem and theatrical hell ensues. We follow the well-intentioned but over-matched company as they go from outrageous auditions to ego-driven rehearsals, from technical nightmares to opening nights gone disastrously awry, from the elation of a great play well told to the comic and nostalgic season close. A riotous comedy for anyone who loves (or loves to be a part of) theatre!

November 11 and 12, 2019

Audition Notes

Auditions will be held at the Players Guild. Auditions will begin promptly at 7:00PM each night (Monday, November 11 and Tuesday, November 12). The registration table will close at 7:30PM. It is highly recommended to complete the Audition Form and Conflict Calendar, downloadable by clicking the links below, before arriving.

Please list all actual and all possible conflicts.

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Audition Form Conflict Calendar

January 10-12, 17-19, and 24-26, 2020

Produced in Cooperation with Dramatists Play Service

The Crew

Co-Producers: Tim Carney and Frann Stempek
Director: Kori Bielaniec
Assistant Director: Kristen Campbell

The Cast

Please note that many characters have flexible age ranges — please audition for the part(s) you identify with most.

GORDON PAIGE: (late 30s–early 60s) Artistic Director; Gordon has dreams for the group and himself that are not always able to be recognized, but his earnestness and drive is from the heart. He is the leader. Previously in a relationship with Sarah.

JACK MORRIS: (early–mid 20s) An actor; Jack is debating whether to act or go to law school. He is undoubtedly the most talented actor in the group, whether he knows it or not. The group both amuses and frustrates him (well, mostly Tyler frustrates him).

SUSANNAH HUNTSMAN: (early–mid 20s) A recent university graduate and director of Charley’s Aunt; Susannah is the epitome of thinking she is “woke” — she has a lot of ideas and a lot of them are bad. (Please note, the actor may be asked to smoke a fake, non-toxic Juul.)

MARY PIERRE: (20s) An actor; Mary is the classic ditzy ingénue. She means well, but isn’t usually very bright. She begins a relationship with Tyler. (Please note, the actor must be comfortable throwing herself onto other actors when she “acts”.)

TYLER TAYLOR: (mid 20s–late 30s) An actor, Tyler thinks very highly of himself, his abilities, and Method acting. He begins a relationship with Mary.

VERNON VOLKER: (40s–60s) An actor; Vernon is the most cynical of the group. He has been at the acting game for a long time with not much success, and he especially likes to let the younger actors know how difficult the actor life is.

RICHFIELD HAWKSLEY: (60+) An actor; Richfield is a good actor with a bad memory. He’s been around for a long time and is good friends with Daisy.

DAISY COATES: (40+) An actor; Daisy has not quite come to terms with the fact that she is no longer an ingénue. Still one of the kindest in the group, who has been around for a long time as well, and is good friends with Richfield.

CRAIG CONLIN: (30+) Business Manager; Craig has the difficult task of trying to keep the group afloat, which is quite the undertaking. He gets frustrated by very specific things and can lose his cool, but he’s really doing it all for the good of the theater.

SARAH MCKAY: (30–50) Stage Manager; Sarah is always sarcastic and occasionally sweet. She does have a drinking problem, and can be found most times with a cup of something in her hand. She tries to keep the directors and actors on track, which is often in vain. Previously in a relationship with Gordon.

HENRY MILLS: (30+) Production Designer; Henry is often tasked with bringing grandiose ideas to life while not having a grandiose budget. He can be exasperated, but he makes it work.

KARMA SCHNEIDER: (20s) Intern; this role will also act as de facto Stage Crew and must be comfortable moving set pieces.

BRAUN OAKES: (20s) Intern; this role will also act as de facto Stage Crew and must be comfortable moving set pieces.

IAN MILLIKEN: (20s) Intern; this role will also act as de facto Stage Crew and must be comfortable moving set pieces.

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