music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards
book by Peter Stone

based on a concept by Sherman Edwards


November 12-13, 19-21, and 26-28, and December 3-5, 2004
With a Special Performance for Students from Salina Intermediate School
Presented by Special Arrangements with Music Theatre International


The Tony® Award-winning 1776 is a sparkling re-creation of the momentous days from May 8 to July 4, 1776 when the Second Continental Congress argued about, voted on, and signed the Declaration of Independence. It is a drama of mounting tension and triumph, from John Adams’ opening diatribe to the stunning finale as the delegates file by to sign the document while the Liberty Bell peels in the background. This musical play takes on a human dimension unattainable in a history book alone. It is funny, insightful and compelling drama with a striking score. Songs include: Sit Down, John; Yours, Yours, Yours; Cool, Cool Considerate; Momma Look Sharp; Molasses to Rum; and, Is Anybody There?  With varied and colorful lyrics adding to the emotional depth, 1776  will spark the imagination and inspire awe for both the Declaration of Independence and for the men who wrestled it to life.


Director, Kim Donovan
Assistant Director, Dianne Bernick
Music Director, Ken Pletzer
Producers, Richard Moore and Richard Marengere
Stage Manager, Richard Marengere
Stage Crew, John Hoglen, Jill Hoglen, and members of the cast
Set Design, Floyd and Clemence Bell
Set Construction, Richard Marengere, Jeff Flannery, John Calder, Gordon Mosley, Craig Hane, Paul Vandevert, Cindy Hintz, Richard Moore, and Mike Falzon
Set Painting, Floyd and Clemence Bell
assisted by Joe King, Elna Johnson, Richard Moore, Marybeth Kinnell, Richard Marengere, and Kathy Fothergill
Lights, David Reynolds II, Jeff Flannery, and Cindy Hintz
assisted by members of the Lights & Sound Committee
Costumes, John and Mary Calder
assisted by Marlene King, Marie Kinnell, Dina Flannery, Marge Sorenson, Annette Ripper, Jean Slaughter, Joe Lee, Darlene Lee, Gail Nelson, Nancy Schuster, Eileen Lopez, and Marsha Krause
Hair & Make-up, Linda Gozdick
assisted by Jackie Dienes, Terry Tajak, Corinne Fine, Elaine Hissong, Julia Hoglen, Kathy Fothergill, and Linda Barsamian
Properties, Tim Carney
assisted by Marybeth Kinnell, Barbara Wulff, and John Calder
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin by Jim Kirwan
Programs, Brian Townsend and Phil Booth
assisted by Nancy Valentini, Richard Moore, and Richard Marengere
Tickets, Caroline Serfass and Bob Jones
Ushers, Jeff Ostrowski
Afterglow, Ellen Rindlisbacher
50/50 & Intermission, Marybeth Kinnell


Conductor and Keyboard, Ken Pletzer
Percussion, Rob Bird
Reeds, Ray Stakenas and Kim Pollack
Trumpet,  Deb Koepele
Trombone, Steve Feltner
Violin, Linda Ignagni and Kerry Westwood


Members of the Continental Congress

John Hancock,
 George Evalt

Congressional Secretary
Charles Thompson, Brian G. Wagner

New Hampshire
Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Matt Calder

John Adams, Lindell Salow

Rhode Island
Stephen Hopkins, Tom Sparrow

Roger Sherman, Paul Bruce

New York
Lewis Morris,
 Tim Carney
Roger Livingston, Joshua Allen Mathes

New Jersey
Rev. John Witherspoon, 
Mark Schwenkel

Benjamin Franklin,
 Joe Donovan
John Dickinson,  John Bacarella
James Wilson, Marc Rosati

Ceaser Rodney,
Thomas Hissong
Col. Thomas McKean, Paul Kriner
George Reed, Jeffrey Holste

Samuel Chase,  
J. Pat McElligott

Richard Henry Lee, Michael Hammonds
Thomas Jefferson, Jeff Ostrowski

North Carolina
Joseph Hewes,
Richard Moore

South Carolina
Edward Rutledge,
Chris Chavez

Dr. Lyman Hall, Mark Ripper

Congressional Custodian
Andrew McNair, Patrick Landino

Leather Apron, Gabe Kleinert

Courier, Robert Cach

Abigail Adams, Rae McIntosh

Martha Jefferson, Emily Tyrybon

Painter,  James Kirwan

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Tom Sparrow