a musical comedy with book by Rachel Sheinkin
music and lyrics by William Finn


November 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 and December 3-5, 2010
Playing to small but enthusiastic audiences with a full house here and there.
Produced in Cooperation with Music Theatre International


Middle school is a tough age: not young enough to be a lift child any more, but certainly not mature enough to fit in with the adults – though parents expect us to behave like adults. Putting up with peer pressure, home pressure, and school pressure would make any kid want to throw in the towel. Yet these six Putnam County spellers refuse to do that. They are aching to get away from it all and find a place where they are accepted for being themselves. Frustrations manifest themselves, and even though the spellers are all master of a great vocabulary, they react as “tweeners” with an occasional outburst of cuss words. As outside pressures manage to creep into the bee, they somehow all hold on and remain true to themselves while still growing up a little bit more. – Dianne Bernick, Director


Director, Dianne Bernick*
Musical Director, Steve Woznicki*
Choreographer, Jennifer McPherson*
Assistant Director, Frann Stempek
Producers, Ron Williams Jr. and James Mayne*
Stage Manager, Scott Rider
Stage Crew, Pat Landino
Set Design, Floyd Bell
Master Carpenter, Gordon Mosley
Stage Construction, John Calder
assisted by Stan LaFramboise, David Wood, Chris Boudreau, Victor Hydel, Megan Lizbinski, Michael Moseley, and Lois and John Sczomak
Stage Painting, Floyd Bell and  Lynne Lewis
assisted by John Calder, Chris Boudreau, Frann Stempek, and John Sczomak
Lights & Sound, David Reynolds II and crew*
Hair & Make-up, Sydnee Dombrowski
assisted by Ebony Bradley and  the cast*
Costumes, Mary Calder and Fran Walker
assisted by George Miller and cast and crew
Properties, Tom Sparrow*
assisted by Sydnee Dombrowski, Annette Ripper, Rich Bulleri, Mary Calder, Mary Ann Denyer,Pat Denyer, and members of the cast and crew
Publicity, Kori Bielaniec
Programs, Angela Keller Pelc
assisted by Debbie Pletzer
Tickets, Bob Jones
Ushers, Tim Carney and members
Afterglow, Marsha Barnett-Krause
Cast & Crew, Nicole Cooper and Meredith Gordon Ferry
50/50 & Intermission Jim Kirwan and members


Chip Tolentino, Eric Floetke
Logainne Schwartsandgrubenniere, Sara Mayne**
Leaf Coneybear, Michael Bollman*
William Barfee, Jeff Ostrowski*
Marcy Park, Christina Brown*
Olive Ostrovsky, Julienne Kobylasz*
Rona Lisa Perretti, Leah P. Cooley*
Douglas Panch, Kenyada Davis*
Mitch Mahoney, Kenneth Gibson


Vocal/ Instrumental/ Sequencing/Direction, Steven C. Woznicki*
Drums, Brian Golden
Woodwinds, Chucky O’brien

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

*  Denotes 2010-2011 PAGE Award Nominee
**Denotes 2010-2011 PAGE Award Winner

Cast and Crew Digitized by Charles Bollman