A Comedy by Bob Randall


September 17-18, 24-26, and October 1-3, 2004
Presented by special arrangements with Samuel French, Inc.


At the behest of their spouses, Anne and Paul view a coveted six room, rent-controlled, river view NY apartment being offered for lease. When they accidentally get trapped in the empty apartment, comfortable small talk ends up stirring more interest in each other than the apartment as they discover how much they have in common including their boredom with their existing lives. Following their rescue by the super, they agree to meet for a rendezvous dinner in the empty apartment later that night. The next day they meet again – this time with their spouses with hysterical results; however, afterwards they once again find themselves left alone to face their moral struggles as to what could happen during their confinement.


Director – Michael P. Falzon
Assistant Director – Sarah Blannett
Producer – Christine O’Connell
Assistant Producer – Dina Flannery
Stage Manager – Dina Flannery
Stage Crew – Dave Kadlitz
Set Design – Michael P. Falzon
Set Construction – Richard Marengere,
assisted by Mark Ripper, Richard Moore, Sarah Blannett, Jeff Flannery, Jeff Ostrowski, Craig Hane, Paul Vandevert, Michael Falzon, Loretta Bullock, Dina Flannery, Gordon Mosley, Michael Kinnell, John Calder, and Donna Hansen
Set Painting – Marc Rosati, Sara O’Connell, Christine O’Connell, Michael Falzon, John Calder, Terry Tajak, and Richard Marengere
Lighting Design – David Reynolds, II
Lights – Jeff Flannery,
assisted by Paul Vandevert, David Reynolds II, and Gordon Mosley
Sound – Michael Kinnell
Costumes – Marlene King and Mary Calder,
assisted by Marge Sorensen, Gail Nelson and Nancy Schuster
Hair & Make-Up – Linda Gozdick
assisted by Terry Tajak, Jacqueline Dienes, and Christine O’Connell
Props – Tim Carney,
assisted by Annette Ripper and Jeanine Matlow
Publicity – Cindy Hintz
Programs – Nancy Valentini and Phil Booth,
assisted by Jane Pfeifer
Tickets – Caroline Serfass and Bob Jones
Ushers – Jeff Ostrowski
Afterglow – Kim Donovan
50/50 & Intermission – Mary Beth Kinnell


Eddie, The Superintendent – Dave Kadlitz
The Pregnant Woman – Monica Link
Larry, The Expectant Father – Matthew Jasin
Anne Miller – Debbie Pletzer
Paul Friedman – Brian Townsend
The Woman in 4A – Annette Ripper
Janet Friedman – Sara Constantakis
Richard Miller – Alan Hyma

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Cast and Crew Digitized by Michael Falzon