Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gilbert


April 27-28, May 4-6, 11-13, and 18-19, 2001
Produced in Cooperation with Music Theatre International, Inc.


A simple plot. A crafty slave struggles to win the hand of a beautiful but slow-witted courtesan for his young master in exchange for his freedom. How could anything so simple be impossible? Like the song says, “Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!” The perfect escape from life’s troubles.


Director, Lisa Andres
Assistant Director,  Dorothy Andres
Musical Director, Bob Ballard
Choreographer, Valerie Mould
Producer,  Carolyn Ballard
Costumer,  Jane Ripper
assisted by Mary Calder, Diana Reynolds, John Calder, Julia Hoglen, Kim Donovan, Philip Booth, Nancy Schuster, Becky Byars, Connie Fox, Margaret Sorenson, Maria Kovac, Carolyn Ballard, and Melissa VandeNeede
A Special Thank You to Michael Falzon
Set Designer & Artist,  Helen Liljegren
Scenic Painters,  Helen Lijegren, Carolyn Ballard, Don Andres, Victor Hydel, Emily Tyrybon, Andrea Stokfisz, and Jill Hoglen
Master Carpenter,  Gordon Mosley
Set Construction,  Gordon Mosley, John Calder, Paul Vandevert, Steve Gautreau, John Hoglen, Done Andres, Dennis Decker, Carolyn Ballard, Victor Hydel, Mark Byars, Jeff Ostrowski, Phil Booth, Emily Tyrybon, Andrea Stokfisz, Steve Stokfisz, Richard Moore, Jeff Flannery, Jilissa Hoglen Mike Lopez, and Kirk Haas
Sound and Lighting Design, Steve Gautreau
assistsed by Steve Stokfisz, Paul Vandevert, and Alice Gautreau
Hair & Make-up, Julia Hoglen
assisted by Andrea Hoglen, Jilissa Hoglen, Corrine Fine, Karen Prusiewicz, Sally Goodman, Kim Donovan, Linda Mosley, Christine Wolfe, Kathy Gizicki, Sue Steiner, Patti Jones, and the Cast
A Special Thank You to Christopher Calabriese and Joseph LaCourte for the Domina wig
Properties, Annette Ripper
assisted by Mark Ripper, Bob Walker, and Rachel Damron-Hissong
Stage Crew,  John Calder and John Hoglen
Publicity, Jenni Clark and Cindy Hintz
Program, Carolyn Ballard
assisted by Brian Townsend and Nancy Valentini
Hospitality,  Pat LaFramboise
assisted by Jeff Ostrowski


Prologus,  Brian Townsend
The Proteans, 
Philip Booth, Jeffery Flannery and Michael Lopez
Senex, a citizen of Rome, 
Joe Donovan
Domina, his wife, 
Denise Kowaleski-Albright
Hero, son of Senex and Domina, 
Ron Willliams, Jr.
Hysterium, slave to Senex and Domina, 
Bob Jones
Lycus, a dealer in courtesans, 
Robb Stempek
Pseudolus, a slave to Hero, 
Brian Townsend
Emily Tyrybon
Laura Hagen
The Geminae, 
Cindy Hintz and Andrea Hoglen
Valerie Haas
Shannon Lynn Targanski
Brooke Andres
Erronius, an old citizen of Rome, 
Bob Walker
Milos Gloriosus, a warrior, 
Mark Byars

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Director, Bob Ballard
Percussion, Rob Byrd
Reeds, Ernest Matchulat, Kim Pollack, Ray Stakenas
Trombone,  Bruce Sole
Trumpet,  Bob Cox, Bob McMillan

Cast and Crew digitized by Sally Goodman.