January 11-12, 13-20, and 25-27, 2002
Presented in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.


Sarah Goldman is a nice Jewish girl with a big problem – her parents think it’s the end of the world that she isn’t married to a nice Jewish boy. They haven’t met her boyfriend, who just happens to be a WASP named Chris Kringle. To mollify her parents, Sarah tells them she’s dating a Jewish doctor. Since her parents keep pressing her to introduce this beau, she plans a dinner party and hires an escort service to supply “Dr. Steinberg.” Instead, they send Bob Schroeder, an aspiring actor, to perform the impersonation. Sarah’s parents are enraptured by his convincing performance … soon, so is Sarah.


Director, Paul Vandevert
Assistant Director, Jeff Ostrowski
Producer, Richard Moore
Stage Manager, John Calder
Set Design,  Gordon Mosley
Set Construction & Painting, Gordon Mosley, Tom Sparrow, Emily Tyrybon, Jeff Flannery, John Hoglen, Paul Vandevert, Steve Gautreau, Phil Booth, and Jeff Ostrowski
Set Decoration, Edythe DeGrazia
Lights & Sound, Steve Gautreau
assisted by Alice Gautreau, Cindy Hintz, Phil Booth, and Paul Vandevert
Costumes,  Mary Calder, Diana Reynolds, and the cast
Hair & Makeup,  Rebecca Martin and the cast
Props,  Paul Vandevert
Running Crew,  Jana Smith, Sue Dobies and Julie Dobies
Publicity, Cindy Hintz
Programs, Brian Townsend
assisted by Michael Falzon and Jeff Ostrowski
Tickets,  Bob Jones
Ushers,  Debbie Pletzer
50/50 and Intermission, Karen Groves
Afterglow, Jeff Ostrowski
Cast & Crew, Annette Ripper

Special thanks to Jan Goldman Brody and Richard Gautreau for their “Jewish Enlightment.”


Sarah Goldman, Emily Tyrybon
Chris Kringle, Patrick Michael Kenny
Bob Schroeder, Jeff Flannery
Joel Goldman, Jerry Salas
Miriam Goldman, Diana Reynolds
Abe Goldman,  Tom Sparrow

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Cast and Crew Digitized by Tom Sparrow