by Mark Dunn


Show dates
Presented in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.


This is a play in 2 acts and 45 phone calls. The six Walker sisters hail from Memphis, but now they are scattered all over the country. Only Peggy still lives in Memphis, where she cares for Mama. When the play begins, Peggy is phoning her sisters to tell them that Mama is in the hospital. Nothing serious she just ate some bad tuna. An intriguing story of vivid characters and involving conflicts emerges in the ensuing phone calls among the sisters.


Director, Alan Ellias
Producer, Philip Booth
Stage Manager/Technical Director, Ross Grossman
Set Design & Painting, Alan Ellias and Ross Grossman
Set Construction, John Calder
assisted by Ross Grossman, Philip Booth, and Alan Ellias
Lights & Sound, Paul Vandevert
assisted by Allen Smithee, Jr., Philip Booth, Cindy Hintz, and Steve Stokfisz
Sound Design, Alan Ellias and Ross Grossman
Costumes, Mary Calder
assisted by Joan Harder and the cast
Hair & Make-Up, Sally Goodman
assisted by the cast
Props, Laura Hagen
assisted by Jeanine Matlow, Debbie Pletzer, Kelly Waterman, Alan Ellias, and Ross Grossman
Special Thanks to Elaine Bertsch
Publicity, Cindy Hintz
assisted by Nancy Valentini
Programs, Nancy Valentini
assisted by Karen Decker and Jane Pfeifer
Tickets, Richard Moore and Bob Jones
Ushers, Debbie Pletzer
Afterglow, Jeff Ostrowski


Peggy Reece, Nancy C. Wolter
Aneece Walker, Nancy D. Valentini
Roseanne Johnson, Debbie Pletzer
Audrey Hart, Jeanine Matlow
Sherry “Dust” Walker, Linda Hammell
Paige Walker, Kelly Waterman

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Cast and Crew digitized by Vicki Morgan