A Musical Comedy with Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics by Lee Adams
Book by Mike Stewart


APRIL 20-30, MAY 6-8, 13-15, AND 20-22, 2005
Produced by Special Arrangements with Tams-Whitmark Music Library, Inc.


ByeBye Birdie is one of the most captivating musical shows of our time. It is a satire done with the fondest affection, telling the story of a rock and roll singer in the early ’60s about to be inducted into the army as well as the lives that he touches including his agent, his agent’s frustrated secretary, and the people of Sweet Apple, Ohio. An English Teacher, What Did I Ever See in Him?, Put on a Happy Face, One Boy, A Lot of Livin’ to Do, Kids, Rosie, and Spanish Rose are musical theatre classics. ByeBye Birdie is imaginative with a good deal of frivolity and old-fashioned, family fun. It gives an insight into the everyday life that is very much part of all of us.


Director/Choreographer, Paul Bruce
Musical Director, Bob Ballard
Assistant Director, Corinne Fine
Producer, Stan Guarnelo
Stage Manager, John Hoglen
Stage Crew, Jilissa Hoglen, John Calder, Donna Bank, Alicia Freeman, Patti Jones, and George Evalt
Set Design, Paul Bruce
Stage Construction, Mark Ripper, Jeff Flannery, Gordon Mosley, Lorreta Bullock, John Calder, Carolyn Ballard, Rich Marengere, John Hoglen, and Stanley Guarnelo
Scenic Design, Mary Beth Oravec
assisted by Bob Ballard, Carolyn Ballard, Tom Sparrow, and Ted Hissong
Lights & Sound, Steve Gautreau
assisted by Alice Gautreau, Phil Booth and Stan Guarnelo
Video Engineered by Stan Guarnelo
Costumes, Marlene King and Mary Calder
assisted by the cast
Hair & Make-up, Linda Gozdick
Props, Tim Carney
assisted by Sarah Blannett, Carolyn Ballard and the cast
Publicity, Cindy Hintz
assisted by Stan Guarnelo and the members of the Publicity Committee
Programs, Nancy Valentini
assisted by Brian Townsend and Stan Guarnelo
Tickets, Michael Falzon, Dina Flannery, Bob Jones, Denise Kowalewski,
Debbie Pletzer, and Carrie Serfass
Ushers, Jeff Ostrowski
assisted by Patricia LaFramboise
Afterglow, Marsha Krause and Kim Donovan
50/50 & Intermission, Mary Beth Kinnell


Conductor/Keyboard, Bob Ballard
Trumpet, Luther Bird
Percussion, Rob Byrd, Jr.
Trumpet, Bob Cox
Flute/Piccolo/Clarinet/Sax, Teri Martin
Clarinet/Sax, Ernest Matchulat
Clarinet/Sax, Kim Pollack
Trombone, Bruce Sole
Violin, Kerry Westwood


Albert Peterson, Brian Townsend
Rose Alvarez, Colleen Meade Ripper
Kim MacAfee, Tiffany Wiesend
Hugo Peabody, Alex Gojkov
Harry MacAfee, Steven Stokfisz
Doris MacAfee, Linda Barsamian
Mae Peterson, Annette Ripper
Conrad Birdie, Ian Simpson
Randolph MacAfee, Bella Fothergill
Chorus, Bill Beumel, Mark Byars, R.J. Cach, Hannah Campbell, Tim Carney, Emily Champoux, Sydnee Dombrowski, Andrea Hoglen, Anna S. Hnatiuk, Gabe Kleinert, J. Pat McElligott, Amy Moore, Melanie-Dawn Shomo, Tom Sparrow, Terry Elizabeth Tajak, and Claudia Walrad

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Vicki Morgan