A Musical with
Book by George Abbott and Douglas Wallop
Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

Based on the novel by Douglas Wallop
The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant


April 26-27, May 3-5, 10-12, and 17-19, 2002
Produced in Cooperation with Music Theatre International


This classic musical is a re-telling of the Faust tale. Overweight, aging baseball fan, Joe Boyd, makes a pact with the Devil (a.k.a. Mr. Applegate) so that the hapless Washington Senators can win the pennant just once. Poof! Joe is transformed into power-hitter Joe Hardy. Though nearly trapped by a soul-greedy Devil and tempted by Applegate’s reluctant but luscious sidekick, Lola, Joe learns where his heart truly belongs. The musical, recently revived on Broadway, features favorite tunes Heart, Whatever Lola Wants, Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo, and Those Were the Good Old Days.


Director, Lisa Andres
Assistant Director, Dorothy Andres
Music Director, Bob Ballard
Choreographer,  Valerie Mould
Assistant to the Choreographer, Emily Tyrybon
Producer, Carolyn Ballard
Costumer,  Jane Ripper
assisted by Mary Calder, Kim Donovan, Julie Dobies, Sue Dobies, Diana Reynolds, Andrea Hoglen, Pat LaFramboise, Andrea Stokfisz, and the cast
Set Designer & Master Carpenter, Don Andres
Set Construction, Don Andres, John Calder, Gordon Mosley, Phil Booth, John Hoglen, Richard Moore, Paul Vandevert, Jeff Ostrowski, Steve Stokfisz, Mark Byars, and David Reynolds II
Scenic Artist, Helen Liljegren
Scenic Painters, Carolyn Ballard, Tom Sparrow, Don Andres, Lisa Andres, Joe Donovan, Julie Dobies, Sue Dobies, Andrea Stokfisz, Patti Jones,  and Linda Gozdick
Sound & Lighting Design, David Reynolds II
assisted by Derek Reynolds and Steve Gautreau
Pyrotechnics, David Reynolds II and Gordie Mosley
Hair & Make-up, Julia Hoglen
assisted by  Patty Booth, Corrine Fine, Andrea Hoglen, Jilissa Hoglen, and the cast
Properties, Annette Ripper
assisted by Jana Smith, June Tomaski, and the cast
Special thanks to the Novi Hilton for the towels
Stage Crew, John Calder, John Hoglen, Jilissa Hoglen, and the cast
Publicity, Cindy Hintz
Program, Carolyn Ballard
assisted by Nancy Valentini and Brian Townsend
Hospitality, Jeff Ostrowski
Tickets, Richard Moore and Bob Jones
Ushers, Debbie Pletzer


National Anthem Singer, Denise Kowaleski-Albright
Announcer/Lynch, Steve Stokfisz
Joe Boyd, Tom Sparrow
Meg Boyd, Annette Ripper
Applegate, Ronald James Otulakowski
Sister, Patricia LaFramboise
Doris, Sally Hart Goodman
Joe Hardy, Dean Vendal
Van Buren, Joe Donovan
Gloria, Colleen M. Meade
Lola, Kim Donovan
Welch,  Paul Vandevert
Miss Weston, Julia Hoglen
Commissioner,  Val Sisto


Rocky, Brian Townsend
Lowe, Mike Lopez
Mickey, Phil Booth
Henry, Mark Byars
Sohovik, Marc Rosati
Smokey, Orlando Valentini
Vernon, Jeff Ostrowski
Linville, Richard Moore
Del, Tim Carney
Bouley, Mark Ripper
Bryan, Matt Ripper


Caitlin Donovan
Linda Gozdick
Cindy Hintz
Marybeth Kinnell
Maria Kovac
Eileen Lopez
Courtney McKenna


Nathan Booth
Alex Danke
Maura Donovan
Molly Donovan
Jake Lopez
Peter Moore 


Director/Keyboard, Bob Ballard
Percussion, Rob Byrd
Reeds, Ernest Matchulat
Reeds, Kim Pollack
Reeds, Teri Rae Martin
Trombone, Bruce Sole
Trumpet, Bob Cox
Trumpet, Bob McMillan
Trumpet (May 3-5), Howard Wazeerud-Din

Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Tom Sparrow