By Neil Simon

On Our Stage in Our 90th Season

Performance Dates: January 12-14, 19-21, and 26-28, 2018

Produced in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.

The Show

Leon Tolchinsky is ecstatic. He’s landed a terrific teaching job in an idyllic Russian hamlet. When he arrives, he finds people sweeping dust from the stoops back into their houses and others milking cows upside down to get more cream. The town has been cursed with Chronic Stupidity for 200 years and Leon’s job is to break the curse. No one tells him that if he stays over 24 hours and fails to break the curse, he too becomes Stupid. But, he has fallen in love with a girl so Stupid that she has only recently learned how to sit down.

The Crew

Co-Producers – Colleen Meade-Ripper and Frann Stempek
Director – Brian Townsend
Assistant Director – John Sczomak
Wedding Dance Choreography – Brian Townsend and Adam Lynch
Stage Management Team – Kristen Campbell, Mike Falzon, Colleen Meade Ripper, Kevin Talanges, Laura Tyler, Nathan Wall, and David Wood
Set Design – Brian Townsend and Gordon Mosley
Light Design – Stan Guarnelo
Lights and Sound – Chris Boudreau, Stan Guarnelo, Dave Kanclez, and Lexie Kaplan
Set Construction and Painting – Chris Boudreau, Steve Gautreau, Alice James, David James, Dave Kanclez, Loukas Kalisperis, Adam Lynch, Richard Marengere, Gordon Mosley, John Sczomak, Anita Stinson, Laura Tyler, and David Wood
Hair and Make-Up – Shauna Rae Hazime, Frann Stempek, Jeff Bartos, and Lindel Salow, assisted by the cast
Costumes – Mary Calder, Karen Drugacz, Inez Hernandez, and Anita Stinson
Properties – Tim Carney, Rebecca Hermen, David James, Colleen Meade Ripper, and Brian Townsend
Publicity – Melissa Foster, Mike Moseley, Tom Sparrow, Sue Suchyta, and Brian Townsend
Social Media – Kori Bielaniec
Website – Tom Sparrow
Postcard Mailing – Paul Bruce, Mary Calder, John Hutchinson, Victor Hydel, Deb Kales, Betty Kolinski, Katie and Sue Suchyta, and David Wood
Programs – Megan Lizbinski, Jane Pfeiffer, and Brian Townsend
Tickets- Tracey Boudreau, Lois Sczomak, and Julie Sparrow
AfterGlow – Tim Carney and Members of the Guild
Cast and Crew – Marsha Krause
50/50 and Intermission – Frann Stempek and the Ways and Means Committee
Ushers – Steve Gautreau and Matt Ripper assisted by Members of the Guild
Original Cover Artwork – Brian Townsend

The Cast

Leon Tolchinsky – Alex Gojkov

Snetsky – Adam Lynch

Slovitch – Phil Booth

Mishkin – Chris Boudreau

Yenchna – Sheryl Faber Vachon

Magistrate Kupchik – Tom Sparrow

Count Gregor Yousekevitch – Matt VanHouten

Dr. Nikolai Zubritsky – Bill McCloskey

Lenya Zubritsky – Tiffany Mullins

Sophia Zubritsky – Kori Bielaniec

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