from the book Free to Be … You and Me conceived by

Marlow Thomas and Friends

scene and musical contributions by

Judy Blume • Dan Grenburg • Carol Hall • Sheldon Harnick • Bruce Hart • Edward Kleban • Elaine Larson • Stephen Lawrence • Betty Miles • Shelley Miller • Carl Reiner • Mary Rodgers • Shel Silverstein • Peter Stone • Charlotte Zolotow

adaptation written for the stage by Douglas Love and Regina Safran
orchestrations and arrangements by Jon Weistead

Originally produced by The National Children’s Repertory Theatre, Inc.

On Our Guildlings Stage in Our 83rd Season

July 15-17 and 22-24, 2011
Presented in agreement with R & H (Rodgers and Hammerstein) Theatre Library

The Show

Marlo Thomas conceived a children’s book that, instead of telling boys and girls who they should be, would open them to the possibilities of who they could be. She gathered many of her supremely talented friends from various worlds of the arts and the remarkable result is highly regarded as a modern classic of children’s literature. Life-enhancing themes are imaginatively blended with music and humor to expand children’s personal horizons, enabling them to invent their own futures without limitation, while dispelling some old constraints and worn-out conventions in the process. Parents, teachers and other grown-up friends will delight in sharing this extraordinary and memorable experience with the children in their lives.

The Crew

Producers, Greg Viscomi, Tim Carney, and Kathy Fothergill
Director, Valerie Haas
Musical Director, Carmelle Atkins
Choreographer, Jennifer McPherson
Technical Director, David Reynolds II
Parent Liasion, Kathy Fothergill
Lighting Design, David Reynolds II
Sound Design, James Mayne and David Reynolds II
Scenic Design, David Reynolds II and Valerie Haas
Backdrop Design,  James Kirwan
Set Construction, Chris Boudreau, Sean Greimel and David Reynolds II
Constume Coordination, Kathy Fothergill, Valerie Haas, and Diane Kaplan
Properties, Kathy Fothergill and Diane Kaplan
Technical Crew, Chris Boudreau, Luke Boudreau, Kim Doverspike, Kathy Fothergill, Andrew Gencarelli, Nick Gencarelli, Debbie Koehler, Jennifer McPherson, Greg Viscomi, Julian Moore, and David Reynolds II
Playbill,  Brian Townsend
Lobby Photos, Debbie Pletzer
Biography Board,  Frann Stempek, Amanda Schroka, and Greg Viscomi

The Free to Be Band

Keyboard, Carmelle Atkins
Guitar, Bass & Banjo, Alec Ashburn
Percussion, Mike Sulecki

The Cast

Joseph Atkins, Nicholas Atkins
Nathan Booth, Molly Boudreau
Anthony Cieri, Austin Clark
Grace Doverspike, Stella Doverspike, Steelie Dowgiallo
Rihannon Flores, Bella Fothergill, Miranda Fothergill
Jillian Gencarelli, Megan Gencarelli
Noah Goddard, Amy Golembiewski
Liliana Greimel, Scout Greimel
Cole Haas, Ian Haas
Rachel Hatfield, Quinn Higgins
Maddie Kaplan, Kayla Katona
Allison Koehler, Jessica Koehler
Olivia McPherson, Peter Moore
Jade Reynolds, Madison Schroka
Emma Scott, Ryan Shameri, Tim Smith
Adriana Viscomi, Maria Viscomi

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Special Thank You To

Alec Ashburn, Carmell Atkins, Mike Bollman, Chris Boudreau, Paul Bruce, Tim Carney, LisaCieri, Kathy Fothergill, Sean Greimel, Kirk Haas, Valerie Haas, Dan Higgins, Diane Kaplan, James Kirwan, Jennifer McPherson, Amy Moore, Richard Moore, Michael Moseley, Gordon Mosley, Debbie Pletzer, David Reynolds, Scott Rider, Amanda Schroka, Frann Stempek, Sue Suchyta, Mike Sulecki, Brian Townsend, Christinia Viscomi, Greg Viscomi, The cast of the Players Guild production of Shenandoah, The Dearborn High School Theatre and Vocal Music departments

Cast and Crew digitized by Tom Sparrow