Go Back for Murder

AUDITIONS: July 16 and 17, 2018

PRODUCTION DATES: September 14-16, 21-23, and 28-30, 2018

Produced in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.

The Show

After receiving a letter from beyond the grave, Carla Crale believes her mother, who died in prison, was wrongly convicted of her father’s murder. In a passionate attempt to clear her name, she persuades those present on the day of her father’s death to return to the scene of the crime and ‘go back’ 15 years to recount their version of events.

The Crew

Co-Producers – Tim Carney and Frann Stempek

Director – Jeff Bartos

Assistant Director – Patricia LaFramboise

Stage Managers – Kristen Campbell and Lexie Kaplan

Set Design – Jeff Bartos assisted by Shardai Davis and Jeff Flannery

Lights and Sound – Dave Kanclerz, John Sczomak, Chris Boudreau, and Stan Guarnelo

Set Construction – Chris Boudreau, Phil Booth, Steve Gautreau, David James, Dave Kanclerz, Stan LaFramboise, Gordon Mosley, John Sczomak, Anita Stinson, and Dave Wood

Hair and Makeup – Julie Ballantyne Brown, Kristen Campbell, and members of the cast

Costumes – Karen Drugacz, Mary Calder, Inez Hernadez, and Jeff Bartos

Props – Rebecca Hermen assisted by Garret, Nate, and Matt Hermen, and Diane Cliff

Social Media – Kori Bielaniec

Website – Tom Sparrow

Publicity – Kristen Campbell, Kori Bielaniec, Tom Sparrow, Jennifer Deckert, Mike Moseley, Mike Mayne, Brian Townsend, Sue Suchyta, Stan Guarnelo, Hailey Hayward, and Melissa Foster

Postcard Mailing – Lisa Assenmacher, Christine Berryman, Joan Boudreau, Karen Ciferno, Jennifer Deckert, Karen Drugraca, Renae Hayward, Rebecca Hermen, Victor Hydel, Diane Kaplan, Lexie Kaplan, Betty Kolinski, Mike Moseley, Richard Moore, Justine Moore, Mary Lee Pierzynowski, Nancy Schuster, Julie and Tom Sparrow, Andrew St. John, and Dave Wood

Programs – Carissa Lokken, Nancy Valentini, Scott Rider, Brian Townsend, Richard Moore, Megan Lizbinski, Anna Dewey, and Julie Ballantyne Brown

Tickets – Tracey Boudreau and Julie Sparrow

AfterGlow – Tim Carney

Cast and Crew – Tim Carney

50/50 and Intermission – Lois Sczomak and the Ways and Means Committee

Ushers – Matt Ripper and Steve Gautreau assisted by Guild Members

Original Cover Artwork – Brian Townsend


Justin Fogg – Jeffery Flannery

Turnball – Chris Boudreau and Adam Lynch

Carla Le Marchant/Caroline Crale – Kori Bielaniec

Jeff Rogers – Kyle Tillman

Philip Blake – Marc Walentowicz

Meredith Blake – Brian Trippel

Lady Elsa (Greer) Melksham – Julie Ballantyne Brown

Miss Williams – Sue Delosier

Angela Warren – Amy Jones

Amyas Crale – Kyle Tillman

See Show Photos by and Courtesy of Jennifer Deckert