A Musical Fable
Book by Arthur Laurents
Music by Julie Styne
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim


May 2-4, 9-11, 16-18, and 23-24, 2003
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The story starts in Seattle with stage mother, Rose, pushing her two daughters into Uncle Jocko’s Kiddie Show. June, her mother feels, is the most likely to become a star. Louise is plainer and quieter, she stands meekly in her sister’s shadow. A new act called ‘Baby June and her Newsboys’ is conceived by Rose, and the family is off to the ‘big time’ in Los Angeles. The act steeped in star spangled banners, dancing horses (Louise plays the rear end), and screaming newsboys moves to Dallas, Akron, New York, Buffalo, and Omaha. Along the way, Rose meets Herbie, a theatrical agent, and hires him as manager. He makes himself father to the troupe, sharing with them their meals of chow mein — Rose’s favorite food. Rose scrimps as she schemes and scrambles for bookings and billings to maintain their hand-to-mouth existence.


Director, Lisa Andres*
Assistant Directors, Dorothy Andres and Linda Barsamian
Music Director, Bob Ballard**
Choreographer, Valerie Mould*
Assistant to the Choreographer, Amy Hendrickson
Producer, Carolyn Ballard**
Stage Manager, Christine Toth
assisted by John Calder and Jilissa Hoglen
Set Design, Don Andres
Master Carpenter, John Calder
Scenic Artist, Jim Kirwan
Set Construction, Don Andres, John Calder, Gordon Mosley, Paul Vandevert, Mark Barsamian, Rich Marengere, Carolyn Ballard, and Steve Stokfisz
Set Painting, Jim Kirwan, Lisa Andres, Dorothy Andres, Carolyn Ballard, Tim Carney, Connie Fox, Andrea Hoglen, Jillisa Hoglen, Victor Hydel, Patti Jones, Marlene King, Marc Rosati, and Andrea Stokfisz
Lights & Sound, David Reynolds II
assisted by Mark Ripper, Steve Stokfisz, Jeff Lucier, and members of the Lights & Sound Committee
Hair and Make-up, Sally Hart Goodman
assisted by Corrine Fine, Tre Shimna, Julia Hoglen, and the cast
Costumes,  Diana Reynolds and Jim Cape
assisted by Mary Calder, Marlene King, Glee Boersma, Marsha Krause, Margaret Sorensen, Andrea Hoglen, Jillisa Hoglen, Nancy Schuster, Eileen and Mike Lopez, Julia Hoglen, Jean VanValkenburgh, the Parents of our young actors, and the cast
Rose’s costumes designed and built by Joseph LaCorte.
Special thanks to the dressers, without whom the backstage would not move smoothly.

Properties, Annette Ripper
assisted by Jim Kirwan, Robin Blesener, Marlene King, Rebecca Martin, Mark Ripper, Paul Bruce, and Gordon Mosley
Publicity, Mary Poretta
assisted by Julie Yolles
Programs, Philip Booth and Brian Townsend
with special thanks to Julie Yolles, Nancy Valentini, and Carolyn Ballard
Tickets, Richard Moore and Bob Jones
50/50 & Intermission, Gordon Mosley


Uncle Jake, Marc Rosati
George, Jim Kirwan
Clarence (and his Coronet), Alex Danke
Balloon Girl, Lauren Danke
Baby June, Maura Donovan
Baby Louise, Christina Besh
Kid Show Auditionees, Austin Andres, Laura Besh, Ethan Danke, Jacob Danke, Stephanie Marengere, and Justin Walker
Stage Mothers, Julie Yolles, Kim Donovan, Nancy Valentini, and Barbara Wulff
Rose, Denise Kowalewski-Albright*
Pop, Rich Bulleri
Newsboys, Austin Andres, Ethan Danke, and Justin Walker
Weber, Robb Stempek
Herbie, Joe Donovan*
Louise, Emily Tyrybon
June, Caitlin Donovan
Tulsa, Jeff Ostrowski*
Yonkers, Christopher Anderson
Angie, Sean Widener
L.A., Will Gines
Kansas, Andrew Keenan-Bolger
Kringelein, Robb Stempek
Mr. Goldstone, Rich Bulleri
Miss Goldstone, Nancy Valentini
Toreadorables/The Hollywood Blondes
 Andrea Hoglen
    Edna, Meredith Gorden
    Gail, Rebecca Martin
    Marjorie May, Laura VanValkenburg
    Dolores, Claudia Walrad
    Thelme, Jackie Gubow
Pastey, Marc Rossi
Tessie Tura,  Kim Donovan
Mazeppa, Nancy Valentini*
Electra, Julie Yolles
Cigar, Robb Stempek
Rene, a maid, Barbara Wulff
Phil, Tim Carney
Bourgeron-Cochon, Jim Kirwan
Swings, Ray Quinn and Amy Hendrickson

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley


Director/Keyboard, Bob Ballard**
Percussion, Rob Byrd
Reeds, Ernest Matchulat
Reeds, Teri Rae Martin
Reeds (May 17), Carol Tallieu
Reeds, Kim Pollack
Trombone, Ralph Evangelista
Trombone,  Bruce Sole
Trombone (May 11 and 12), Joe Martin
Trumpet,  Bob Cox
Trumpet, Luther Bird
Trumpet (May 17 and 24), Howard Wazeerud-Din, II

* Denotes 2002-2003 PAGE Award Nominee
**Denotes 2002-2003 PAGE Award Winner

Cast and Crew Digitized by Tom Sparrow