by Harry Segall


September 12-13, 19-21, and 26-28, 2003
Produced in Cooperation with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


You’re on your way to work, when some guy cuts you off and you swerve off the road apparently out of control. Just as you’re about to smash into a tree, a helpful “Messenger” plucks you out of the vehicle and takes you to the passenger lounge for your trip to the Pearly Gates. The only problem is that you weren’t out of control at all. Even though the car did smash into the tree, you weren’t going to be hurt at all, just a little shaken and worried about what your boss would say about being late again. You had everything under control, right? Wrong; you didn’t. None of us really do, even though we like to think so. Heaven Can Wait shows us a few of the marvelous things that can happen when we relax and stop trying to keep everything under control. Nobody’s perfect and mistakes happen. But, every once in awhile, it’s the mistake or that chance meeting that changes your life in the best possible way. It isn’t about avoiding all possibility of mistake or chance, but knowing how to receive what life delivers. We can’t rely on what we arbitrarily decide needs to happen, but what our heart tells us should be, if we would only stop to listen. Heaven Can Wait will show you how to do that. – Paul Vandevert, Director


Director Paul Vandevert
Assistant Director Christine Toth
Producer Karen Groves
Stage Manager Denene Pollock
assisted by Rich Marengere
Set Design Mary Myers
assisted by Mark Ripper
Technical Director Mark Ripper
Set Construction Mark Ripper, John Calder, Tashi Georgoff, Dave Kadlitz, Loretta Wilson, Rich Marengere, Gordon Mosely, Jeff Ostrowski, Paul Vandevert, and the cast
Set Painting Cathryn Marcos
assisted by the cast
Lights & Sound David Reynolds, II
assisted by the Lights & Sound Committee
Hair & Make-up Sally Goodman, Wendy Radecke and the cast
Costumes Annette Ripper
assisted by Marlene King, Mary Calder, Colleen Meade, Gail Nelson, Connie Kress, and cast
Properties Marybeth Kinnell
assisted by Marie Kinnell, Michael Kinnell, Annette Ripper, Mark Ripper, Chris Toth, and Lisa Harrison (for the boxing equipment)
Publicity Cindy Hintz
assisted by Carrie Serfass
Programs Philip Booth, Brian Townsend
assisted by Debbie Pletzer, Connie Kress, Richard Moore, and Mary and John Calder
Tickets Richard Moore
Ushers Debbie Pletzer
50/50 & Intermission Elna Johnson


Joe Pendleton Jeff Ostrowski
Mr. Jordan Philip Booth
Messenger 7013 Tiffany Byars
Julia Farnsworth Mary Poretta
Tony Abbott Dave Kadlitz
Bette Logan Sarah Blannett
Max Levene Marc Rosati
Mrs. Ames Kimberly Endahl
Nurse Kim Reynolds
Ann/First Escort Wendy Radecke
Suzie/Second Escort Salam Fadlallah
Williams Mark Byars
Workman Tashi Georgoff
Lefty/Plainclothesman Matthew Ripper
Doctor Morris Goodman

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Mary Stover