A Comedy Adapted by David Ives
Based on a play by Mark Twain


January 15-17, 22-24, and 29-31, 2010
Produced in Cooperation with Playscripts, Inc.


Jean-François Millet, a young painter of genius, is in love with Marie Leroux but in debt to a villainous picture-dealer, Bastien André. André forecloses on Millet, threatening debtor’s prison unless Marie marries him. Millet realizes that the only way he can pay his debts and save Marie and her family from André is to die, as it is only dead painters who achieve fame and fortune. With the help of faithful and crafty trio of assistants, Millet fakes his death and prospers, all while passing himself off as his own sister, the Widow Tillou. Now a rich “window,” the problems only continue to mount, and Millet realizes he must find a way to get out of the dress, return to life, and marry Marie!


Director: Marybeth Kinnell
Assistant Director: Tim Carney
Co-Producers: Stan Guarnelo
Stage Manager and Crew: James Mayne, Paul Morgan, and Kirk Haas
Set Design: Kirk Haas
Lighting & Sound Designer: Michael Kinnell
assisted by Steve Gautreau, Brooklyn West, Phil Booth, Eugene Fusco, and Jeff Ostrowski
Set Construction & Painting: John Sczomak, Gordon Mosley, John Calder, David Reynolds II, Jeff Flannery, Paul Vandevert, Kirk Haas, Rich Marengere, Steve Gautreau, Victor Hydel, and Lois Sczomak
Hair & Makeup: Frann Stempek
assisted by Margaret Winowiecki and cast
Costumes: Heidi Ellis
assisted by George Miller, Mary Calder, Margaret Winowiecki, Sally Goodman, Fran Walker, Jana Smith, Maria Kinnell, Jean Slaughter, Marsha Barnett-Krause, and Marge Sorensen
Props: Tom Sparrow
assisted by David Macintosh, Floyd Bell, Gordon Mosley, Mike Stair, Mary Calder, John Calder, Mary Ann Denyer, Steve Gautreau, Mike Kinnell, Patricia LaFramboise, Brian Townsend, and cast
Publicity: Sue Suchyta, Brian Townsend, Nancy Valentini, and Stan Guarnelo
Programs: Angela Keller-Pelc and Debbie Pletzer
Tickets: Dina Flannery and Richard Moore
Afterglow & Cast & Crew: Ron Williams
50/50 & Intermission: members of the Guild


Jean-Francois Millet: Brian Townsend
Agamemnon Buckner: Alex Gojkov
Phelim O’Shaughnessy: Phil Booth
Hans von Bismarck: Alan Ellias
Marie Leroux: Sydnee Dombrowski
Cecile Leroux: Kori Bielaniec
Bastien André: Jim Kirwan
Papa Leroux: Tom Sparrow
Madame Caron: Pat LaFramboise
Madame Bathilde: Nancy Schuster
The Actor: Paul Bruce
Sultan of Turkey: John Hutchinson
Emperor of Russia: Scott Rider

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Kori Bielaniec.