Book and Lyrics by Brian Hargrove
Music by Barbara Anselmi

AUDITIONS: March 11 and 12, 2019

PRODUCTION DATES: May 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, and 24-26, 2019

Produced in Cooperation with Music Theatre International

The Play

A world where nothing is what it seems, religions collide, Machiavellian plots are revealed, promises are broken, secrets are exposed and hope springs from the most unlikely of places. Is it the latest conflict in the Middle East? No, it’s just the Steinberg wedding. The charming, funny and original new musical, It Shoulda Been You invites you to a wedding day that you’ll never forget, where anything that can go wrong does, and love pops up in mysterious places.

The bride is Jewish. The groom is Catholic. Her mother is a force of nature. His mother is a tempest in a cocktail shaker. And, when the bride’s ex-boyfriend crashes the party, the perfect wedding starts to unravel faster than you can whistle “Here Comes the Bride!” It’s up to the sister of the bride to turn a tangled mess into happily ever after in this musical comedy for anyone who ever had parents.

The Crew

Producers: Jeff Bartos and Stan Guarnelo
Director: Marc Walentowicz
Assistant Director: Kori Bielaniec
Music Director: Amanda McFarland
Choreographer: Janeen Bodary
Stage Manager: Rachel Marengere
Stage Crew: Amy Jones assisted by Alexis Bartrum, Diane Cliff, and Kris Wright
Set Design: Kelly White
Set Construction and Painting: Chris Boudreau, Patrick Davidson, Tina Ferrara, Steve Gautreau, David James, Gordon Mosely, John Sczomak, Anita Stinson, and David Wood
Lights and Sound: John Sczomak, Kevin Watson, and Phil Walling
Hair and Makeup: Frann Stempek assisted by Tony Badalamenti, Julie Ballantyne Brown, and members of the cast
Costumes: Mary Calder and Karen Drugacz
Properties: Diane Cliff, Rebecca Hermen and the Hermen family
Publicity: Kori Bielaniec assisted by Kristen Campbell, Brian Townsend, Jennifer Deckert, Mike Moseley, Sue Suchyta, Melissa Foster, Tom Sparrow, Kris Wright, and Stan Guarnelo
Social Media: Kori Bielaniec
Web Site: Tom Sparrow
Postcard Mailing: Kristen Campbell and Mike Moseley assisted by Guild members
Programs: Carissa Lokken, Brian Townsend, Nancy Valentini, Scott Rider, Richard Moore, Megan Lizbinski, Anna Dewey, and Julie Ballantyne Brown
Tickets: Tracey Boudreau and Julie Sparrow
AfterGlow: Tim Carney, Jeff Bartos, and Stan Guarnelo
Cast and Crew: Kori Bielaniec and Carol Reed Bielaniec
50/50 and Intermission: Lois Sczomak and Members of the Ways and Means Committee
Ushers: Matt Ripper and Steve Gautreau assisted by Guild members
Original Cover Artwork: Brian Townsend

The Cast

Albert: Sebastian Adams

Annie Sheps: Emily Kaltz

Brian Howard: Casey Coulter

George Howard: Tim Carney

Georgette Howard: Jackie Abercrombie

Greg Madison: Graham Dallas

Jenny Steinberg: Jamee Perryman

Judy Steinberg: Colleen Meade-Ripper

Marty Kaufman: Kenyada Davis

Aunt Shelia: Julie Brown

Murray Steinberg: Thomas Downey

Rebecca Steinberg: Kimberly Elliot

Uncle Morty: Walter Middlebrook

Walt: Ebraheim Awad

Mimsy: Madelyn Kaplan

The Orchestra

Piano: Beth Wondolowski

Bass: Ryan Crum

Percussion: Rob Byrd

Reed 2: David Youngs

Reed 1: Laura Neubauer

Cello: Gavin Langley

Violin: David Trains

Reeds: Kyle Thompson

Bass: Anthony Berardi II

Show photos coming soon.