book by Dale Wasserman
music by Mitch Leigh
lyrics by Joe Darion


November 11 – 12, 18-20, 25-27, and December 2-3, 2005
Produced in Cooperation with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.


This five-time Tony Award® winning musical classic begins as Miguel de Cervantes, aging and an utter failure as playwright, poet, and tax collector, has been thrown into a dungeon in Seville to await trial by the Inquisition. There he is dragged before a court of his fellow prisoners who plan to confiscate his few possessions – including the uncompleted manuscript of a novel, Don Quixote.  Cervantes, seeking to save the manuscript, proposes his defense in the form of a play. The “court” agrees, and Cervantes and his manservant  do make-up and costumes, transforming themselves into Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. They then play out the adventure-filled story with the prisoners taking the roles of other characters in their search for “The Impossible Dream.”


Director/Choreographer, Bob Jones
Musical Director, G. Kevin Dewey
Assistant Director, Corrine Fine
Producers,  Loretta Bullock and Richard Moore
Stage Manager, Loretta Bullock
Set Design, Floyd and Clemence Bell
Stage Construction, Jeff Flannery, Dina Flannery, John and Mary Calder, Gordon Mosley, Richard Moore, Stan Guarnelo, Jeff Ostrowski, Bob Jones, Paul Vandevert, Peter and Ellen Rindlisbacher, Loretta Bullock, Mark Byars, J. Pat McElligott, Mike Moseley, Adam Bright, John Bullock, Ethan Flannery, Doug Clark, Victor Hydel, Claudia Walrad, and Steve Stokfisz
Set  Painting, Floyd and Clemence Bell assisted by Sally Goodman, John Calder, Bob Jones, and Ethan Flannery
Lights & Sound, David Reynolds, Jr.
assisted by members of the Lights and Sound Committee
Hair & Make-up, Paul Kriner
assisted by Eric Rossow, Lindel Salow, Chuck Demske, Heidi Philipsen, and Barbara Wulff
Costumes, Mary Calder
assisted by Marge Sorenson, Heidi Ellis, Jane Ripper, Dina Flannery, Becky Byars, Nancy Schuster, Jean Slaughter, Steve Stokfisz, Matt Ripper, Connie Kress, Annette Ripper, John Calder, and Emily Champoux
Properties, Tom Sparrow, Dianne Bernick, Barbara Welff, Tim Carney, Steve Stokfisz, Steve Gautreau, Anna Hnatiuk, and John Calder
Special thanks to Linda Krystyniak of Laird Plastics.
Publicity, Sue Suchyta
Programs, Tom Sparrow, Brian Townsend, and Debbie Pletzer
Tickets, Carrie Serfass
assisted by Dina Flannery, Michael Falzon and Denise Kowalewski
Ushers, Jeff Ostrowski
assisted by members of the Membership Committee
Afterglow, Kim Donovan
50/50 & Intermission, Tim Carney
assisted by members of the Ways & Means Committee


A Guitar Player, Anthony Lai
Captain of the Inquisition, Steve Stokfisz
Manservant (Sancho Panza), Brian Townsend
Miguel do Cervantes (Don Quixote and Alonso Quijana), Mike Moseley
Men of the Inquisition, Tim Carney and Stan Guarnelo
The Governor, Tom Sparrow
The Duke, Matt Ripper
Jose, William Turbett
Tenorio, Tim Carney
Paco, Stan Guarnelo
Juan, Aaron Booth
Anselmo, Ian Simpson
Pedro, Jeff Flannery
Fernado, J. Pat McEligott
Luze, Steve Stokfisz
Muleteer, Val Sisto
Aldonza (Dulcinea), Emily Tyrybon
Inkeeper, Tom Sparrow
Maria, his wife, Valerie Haas
Fermina, a serving girl, Sydnee Dombrowski
Lucinda, a serving girl, Amy Moore
Antonia, Alonso’s niece, Anna Hnatiuk
Housekeeper, Sally Hart Goodman
Padre, Mark Byars
Dr. Sanson Carrasco, Matt Ripper
Barber, J. Pat McElligott
Moorish Dancer, Sydnee Donbrowski
Moors, Amy Moore, Ian Simpson, Jeff Flannery, Val Sisto, and Tim Carney


Conductor, G. Kevin Dewey
Woodwinds, Dylan Spratling
Trumpet, Paul Abbot, John Hartwick
Horn, Arlene Peters, Brien K. Meehan
Trombone, Jeff Vandeveer
Guitar, Anthony Lai, Brien K. Meehan
Bass, Jacques Bourquin
Percussion, Dan Blessing
Timpani, Brien K. Meehan
Substitutes: Nick Hansinger (Trumpet), Jason Borngesser (Trumpet)

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Sally Goodman