March 5-6, 12-14, and 19-21, 2004
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Bessie lives in Florida where she cares for her aunt and ailing father, Marvin. Aunt Ruth has several collapsed vertebrae and has to wear an electrode pack on her waist with which she can both control her constant pain and open and close her garage door! Unable to speak and confined to his bed for years, Marvin’s only entertainment comes from someone bouncing beams of sunlight, reflected from a small mirror, around his room. Bessie learns amidst all this illness that she has leukemia and that her only hope is to contact her long-estranged sister, Lee, to see if her bone marrow is compatible for a transplant. Lee reluctantly makes the trip to Florida from Ohio, bringing along her two sons, one of whom has just been released from an institution after a couple instances of arson. The reunion of the sisters is uneasy at best, with long buried recriminations coming to the surface. Bessie’s challenge becomes not only to reunite with her sister, but also to reunite Lee and her son, Hank, before he rejects her forever.


Director, Jeff Ostrowski
Assistant Director, Emily Tyrybon
Producer, Sarah N. Blannett
Stage Manager, Rich Marengere
Set, Kirk Haas
Set Construction & Painting, Rich Marengere, Dave Kadlitz, Gordon Mosley, John Calder, Marc Rosati, Paul Vandevert, Loretta Bullock, Mark Ripper, Sharon Comer, John Hogland, Ben Hubbard, Connie Fox, and Maria Kovacs
Light & Sound, David Reynolds II
assisted by Mike Kinnell, Linda Gozdick, Juff Lucier, Gordon Mosley, and Ben Hubbard
Costumes, Marlene King
assisted by Mary Calder, Denise Onopa, and Gail Nelson
Hair & Make-up, Corinne Fine and Eileen Donovan
Special thanks to Les Cheveux
Props, Marybeth Kinnell
assisted by Annette Ripper, Denise Onopa, Marlene King, and Jeanne Slaughter
Special thanks to Metro Medical
Publicity, Mary Poretta
Programs, Brian Townsend and Phil Booth
Special thanks to Nancy Valentini and Sarah Blannett
Tickets, Richard Moore
Ushers, Debbie Pletzer
Afterglow, Kim Donovan
50/50 & Intermission, Elna Johnson


Bessie, Nancy Valentini
Lee, Angie Villaneuva
Ruth, Nancy Wolter
Hank, Ian Eric Knox Simpson
Charlie, Joshua Campos
Dr. Wally, Paul Vandevert
Bob, Stanley Guarnelo
Dr. Charlotte, Loretta Bullock
Retirement Home Director, Paul Bruce
Marvin, Tashi Georgoff

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Laura Kanclerz