March 1-2, 8-10, and 15-17, 2002
Presented in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.


What happens when two award-winning, wealthy screenwriters who’ve worked together for years begin to hate each other? Harry Kent has saved and invested and now lives with his glamorous wife in a sun-drenched luxury flat high above the Sussex coast. It’s built on the site of an ancient British sacrificial stone where black magic was once practiced and now there are strange noises in the night. His partner, Paul Riggs, has spent his profits on booze and birds, living in dread of bookies’ heavies. Harry wants to terminate the partnership that is Paul’s lifeline, but Paul knows a sinister secret from Harry’s past. Murder seems the only escape.


Director, Kirk Haas
Assistant Director & Co-Producer, Debbie Pletzer
Co-Producer, Valerie Haas
Stage Managers,  Kirk Haas, Valerie Haas, and Debbie Pletzer
Set Design, Kirk Haas
Stage Construction & Painting,  John Calder, Kirk Haas, John Hoglen, Gordon Mosley and Jana Smith
Set Construction Assistants,  Julie Dobies, Sue Dobies, Victor Hydel, Julia Hoglen, Andrea Hoglen, Jilissa Hoglen, Ken Pletzer, Ian Haas, Val Sisto, Andrea Stokfisz, Paul Vandevert, Jeff Ostrowski, and Mark Ripper
Lights & Sound, Cindy Hintz
assisted by Paul Vandevert, Michael Falzon, Richard Moore, and Ken Pletzer
Hair & Make-up,  Rebecca Martin
assisted by Sally Goodman and the cast
Costumes, Mary Calder
assisted by the cast
Props,  Annettte Ripper
assisted by Mark Ripper, Rachel Damron-Hissong, Julie Dobies, and Sue Dobies
Publicity, Jenni Clark
Programs, Nancy Valentini
assisted by Michael Falzon, Brian Townsend, Jane Pfeifer, Debbie Pletzer, and Lonnie Valentini
Tickets, Bob Jones, Patti Jones and Corrine Fine
Ushers,  Debbie Pletzer
Afterglow, Jeff Ostrowski
50/50 & Intermission, Karen Groves
Cast & Crew,  Pat Laframboise


Harold Kent,  Lance Alan Abke
Emma Kent, 
Sue Steiner
Paul Riggs,
Phil Booth
Inspector Egan, 
Rebecca Martin

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Cast and Crew Digitized by Sally Goodman