A Special Fundraising
Performance of the
Stage Playhouse & Company
Production of
Kirk A. Haas’ Adaptation of
William Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet


On Our Stage
March 27, 28, and 29, 2015

The Show

Apology to the Shakespearian purists:

Of Juliet and Her Romeo is not The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Of Juliet and Her Romeo takes its words from the original and reworks them into a new play. Of Juliet and Her Romeo tells the story of our star-crossed lovers in a more direct way, without the subplots from the original. The missing action from the original is conveyed through the words our characters use to explain the missing action to the characters remaining. Please accept my apologies for the removal of your favorite character or scene. My hope is that you will open your heart to this production with the understanding that theatre is an art form used to express the lives and emotions that we as human beings struggle with daily. There is no illusion that this play improves upon Wm. Shakespeare’s original piece. It is simply a work of Art, using the same colors used by the great Bard himself.

– Kirk A. Haas, Artistic Director, Stage Playhouse and Co.

The Crew

Director: Kirk Haas

Assistant Director/Choreographer: Suzanne Greimel

Sound Design: David Kanclerz

Set Design: Jana Smith

Properties: Diane Cliff

Costume Design: Diane Kaplan

Lighting Design: Chris Boudreau

Stage Manager: Lexie Kaplan

The Cast

Prologue/Prince Escalus/Apothecary: Kirk Haas

Romeo: Timothy James Smith

Lord Capulet: Mark A. Ripper

County Paris: Kyle D. Tillman

Peter: Cole Haas

Lady Capulet: Christine Kapusky Moore

Nurse: Valerie Haas

Juliet: Madelyn Kaplan

Benvolio: Scout Greimel

Friar Laurence: Victor Walbridge

Photos courtesy of Kirk A. Haas