by Ernest Thompson


September 16-18, 23-25, and 30, and October 1-2

Playing to audiences drawn into the story by the Ross Grossman-Alan Ellias set design and James Kirwan’s pond mural.
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Ethel and Norman Thayer are returning to their summer home on Golden Pond for the forty-eighth year. He is a retired professor with heart palpitations and a failing memory, but still observant and eager for life. Ethel is ten years younger than Norman and delights in the small things that have enriched their long life together. Their middle-aged daughter and her dentist fiancé visit before leaving for a trip to Europe leaving his teenage son behind for the summer. The boy becomes the “grandchild” the couple has never had and Norman enjoys teaching the boy how to fish and encourages him to read “good” books. Norman also learns a good bit of teenage slang in the process. As the summer wanes, so does their brief idyll, and in the final moments of the play, Norman and Ethyl are brought even closer together by the incident of a mild heart attack. Time, they know, is now against them, but the years have been good and, perhaps, another  summer on Golden Pond still awaits them.


Director, Alan Ellias
Producers, Jeff Bartos and Michael Bollman*
Assistant Director, James Mayne
Stage Manager, Dave Wood
Set Design, Ross Grossman and Alan Ellias
(Based on the set design by Ray Klausen from the 2005 revival.)
Master Carpenter, Gordon Mosley
Set Construction, Dave Wood, Gordon Mosley, John Calder, Stan LaFramboise, David Reynolds II, Kurtys Hipkins, John Szcomak, Michael Mayne, Michael Bollman, and Chris Boudreau
Golden Pond Mural, James Kirwan
Set Painting, Omar Alami, Ross Grossman, and Kurtys Hipkins
Lights & Sound, David Reynolds II, James Mayne and Committee.
Special thanks to Debbie Pletzer for video.
Costumes, Jeff Bartos
assisted by Mary Calder and the cast
Hair & Make-up, Lindel Salow and Nancy Wolter*
Properties, Mary Ann Denyer and Scott Rider
assisted by Michael Bollman, Pat Denyer, Kim Donovan, Alan Ellias, Ross Grossman, Kurtys Hipkins, and Richard Moore.
Special thanks to Tom Brown for the use of his wicker furniture and to Jim Humphreys for the use of the handmade furniture.
Publicity, Meredith Ferry
Programs, Kori Bielaniec and Nancy Valentini
Tickets, Bob Jones and Megan Lizbinski
Ushers, Tom Sparrow and members of the Guild
Afterglow, Peggy Krug
Cast & Crew, Jeff Bartos
50/50 & Intermission, Jim Kirwan


Norman Thayer, Jr., Lindel Salow*
Ethel Thayer, Nancy Wolter*
Charlie Martin, Pat Denyer*
Chelsea Thayer Wayne, Debbie Pletzer*
Billy Ray, Jr., Omar Alami
Billy Ray, Ross Grossman

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

* Denotes 2011-2012 PAGE Award Nominee

Cast and Crew Digitized by Tom Sparrow