By Rick Elice

based on the novel Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

AUDITIONS: January 14 and 15, 2019

PERFORMANCE DATES: March 8-10, 15-17, and 22-24, 2019

Produced in Cooperation with Music Theatre International

The Play

An ensemble of actors enters a bare stage and addresses the audience. With a bit of bickering, they welcome us to the world of the play and tell us what’s in store: flying, dreaming, adventure and growing up. Before our eyes, they begin to tell the story behind a story we know so well: A young orphan and his mates are shipped off from Victorian England to a distant island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. They know nothing of the mysterious trunk in the captain’s cabin, which contains a precious, otherworldly cargo. At sea, the boys are discovered by a precocious young girl named Molly, a Starcatcher-in-training who realizes that the trunk’s precious cargo is starstuff, a celestial substance so powerful that it must never fall into the wrong hands. When the ship is taken over by pirates — led by the fearsome Black Stache, a villain determined to claim the trunk and its treasure for his own — the journey quickly turns into a thrilling adventure. And, before our eyes, one miserable orphan comes to be The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up — the one and only Peter Pan.

From marauding pirates and jungle tyrants to unwilling comrades and unlikely heroes, Peter and the Starcatcher playfully explores the depths of greed and despair … and the bonds of friendship, duty and love.

The Crew

Director: Brian Townsend
Assistant Director: John Sczomak
Producers: Diane Kaplan and Renae Hayward
Production Assistant: Lexie Kaplan
Music Direction: Paul Abbott
Keyboards: Paul Abbott
Percussion: Alex Sikorski
Stage Manager: Janeen Bodary
Set Design: Brian Townsend
Lights and Sound: David Reynolds II, Mike Kinnell, Bob Bush, Stan Guarnelo, Chris Boudreau, and Patrick Davidson
Set Construction and Painting: Chris Boudreau, Tina Ferrara, David James, Deb Kales, Chris Martin, Richard Moore, David and John Sczomak, Anita Stinson, David Wood, and the Cast
Hair and Makeup: Kristen Campbell assisted by Sebastian Zachary Adams and Hailey Hayward
Costumes: Mary Calder, Karen Drugacz, Diane Kaplan, and Renae Hayward assisted by Inez Hayward, Maddie Kaplan, Lexie Kaplan, Linda Mosely, Betty Wilson, and Gail Ronan
Props: Rebecca Hermen, Renae Hayward, Diane Kaplan, Brian Townsend, Anita Stinson, Dave Wood, Mike Hermen, Garrett Hermen, and the Cast
Publicity: Brian Townsend, Kori Bielaniec, Mike Moseley, Melissa Foster, Tom Sparrow, Jennifer Deckert, Stan Guarnelo, Sue Suchyta, Kris Wright, and Kristen Campbell
Social Media: Kori Bielaniec
Website: Tom Sparrow
Postcard Mailing: Deb Kales, Scott Ryan, Steve Gautreau, Julie Brown, John Hutchinson, Justine Moore, Amy Moore, Matt Van Houten, John Sczomak, Adam Lynch, Kristen Campbell, Mike Moseley and Artie Sczomak
Programs: Carissa Lokken, Nancy Valentini, Scott Rider, Brian Townsend, Richard Moore, Megan Lizbinski, Anna Dewey, and Julie Ballantyne Brown
Tickets: Tracey Boudreau assisted by Julie Sparrow
AfterGlow: Tim Carney
Cast and Crew: Marsha Krause
50/50 and Intermission: Lois Sczomak assisted by members of the Ways and Means Committee
Ushers: Matt Ripper, Steve Gautreau, and Guild members
Original Cover Artwork: Brian Townsend

The Cast

Boy/Peter: Casey Coulter

Molly Aster: Meg Pace

Lord Leonard Aster: Mike Moseley

Black Stache: David Culliton

Smee: Jake Dombrowski

Mrs. Bumbrake: Sebastian Adams

Prentiss: Alexandria Antonelli

Ted: Graham Dallas

Slank/Hawking Clam: Adam Lynch

Grempkin/Mack/Sanchez/Fighting Prawn: Matt Van Houten

Alf: David Zolotarchuk

Captain Scott: Amy Jones

See Show Photos by and Courtesy of Jennifer Deckert