Based on the Screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.I. Diamond
Music by Burt Bacharach – Lyrics by Hal David
Book by Neil Simon

Performance Dates: November 10-12, 17-19, 24-26, and December 1-2, and 3, 2017

Produced in Cooperation with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

The Show

Meet Chuck Baxter, an ambitious employee of Consolidated Life Insurance Company on his way up. As a bachelor, Chuck has what some of his colleagues desire: an apartment for hanky-panky. With the promise of promotion dangled before him, Chuck lends these senior executives his place for their extramarital trysts. But Chuck becomes more than a little conflicted when he learns that Fran Kubelik, the object of his affection, is the mistress of his boss, the man who holds the key to both Chuck’s flat and his future.

The Crew

Director: Kelly White
Assistant Director: Adam Carey
Music Director: Martin Mandelbaum
Choreographer: Adam Lynch and Kelly White
“Turkey Lurkey Time” choreography adapted from the original
Broadway choreography by Michael Bennett

Co-Producers: Diane Kaplan and Jeff Bartos
Assistant Producer: Kathy Gizicki
Stage Manager: Paul Abbott
Stage Crew: Chris Boudreau, Juliette Abbott, Kristen Campbell, Shardai Davis, Garrett Hermen, Mike Hermen, Nate Hermen, James Mayne, and Andrew St. John
Set Design: Kelly White and Gordon Mosley
Lighting Design: David Reynolds II
Lights & Sound: Chris Boudreau, Stan Guarnelo, Dave Kanclerz, John Sczomak, and Phil Walling
Set Construction and Painting: Joshua & Janeen Bodary, Chris Boudreau, Loretta & John Bullock, Adam Carey, Adam Chatilla, Anne Craft, Jeff Flannery, Steve Gautreau, Katy Gilbert, Mike & Garrett Hermen, David James, Dave Kanclerz, Diane Kaplan, Richard Marengere, Gordon Mosley, David Reynolds II, John Sczomak, Anita Stinson, Mary Stover, Tim Timmer, Mark Wagner, Kelly White, Barbie Wilson, and David Wood
Hair & Make-Up: Jeff Bartos, Julie Ballantyne Brown, Shauna Rae Hazime, Diane Kaplan, Jazzzmin Sharara, and the cast
Costumes: Karen Drugacz and Mary Booth Calder
Properties: Rebecca Hermen assisted by Steve Gautreau, Garrett Hermen, Kathy O’Shesky, and Kelly White
Publicity: Melissa Foster, Diane Kaplan, Mike Moseley, Tom Sparrow, Sue Suchyta, and Brian Townsend
Social Media: Kori Bielaniec
Website: Tom Sparrow
Postcard Mailing: Jeff Bartos, Christine Berryman, Victor Rydell, Diane Kaplan, Patti Martin, Lois Sczomak, Gavin Ripper, Matt Ripper, John Sczomak, Camille Smith,Tom Sparrow, and Sue Suchyta
Program: Anna Dewey, Megan Lizbinski, and Brian Townsend
Tickets: Tracey Boudreau, Scott Rider, Lois Sczomak, Frankie Payne, and Julie Sparrow
AfterGlow: Denise Kowalewski-Tucker and Nancy Valentini
Cast and Crew: Tim Carney
50/50 and Intermission: Fran Stempek and the Ways and Means Committee
Ushers: Steve Gautreau and Matt Ripper assisted by Guild members
Original Cover Artwork: Brian Townsend

Liner Notes

On December 1, 1968, Promises, Promises, the musical version of Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond’s The Apartment, opened at the Shubert and took Broadway by storm. The show was such a breath of fresh air, with its hilarious book by Neil Simon, and pop-sounding and brilliant score by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. When that overture began, you knew the sound of Broadway had just changed forever – it was electric in the best way. – Bruce Kimmel

The Cast

Chuck (C.C.) Baxter – Mark Wagner

Fran Kubelik – Camille Smith

J.D. Sheldrake – Tim Timmer

Dr. Dreyfuss – Tom Sparrow

Marge MacDougal – Julie Ballantyne Brown

Miss Olson – Amy Moore

Mr. Dobitch – Jeff Lokken

Mr. Kirkeby – Tim Carney

Mr. Eichelberger – David Zolotarchuk

Mr. Vanderhof – Jacob Dombrowski

Miss Della Hoya – Shauna Rae Hazime

Miss Polansky – Carissa Madley

Miss Wong – Anne Craft Timmer

Ensemble – Ryan Chatila, Tyler Katona, and Lexie Kaplan

Pit Vocalists – Rebecca Hermen and Maria Viscomi

The Orchestra

Conductor, Keyboard: Martin Mandelbaum
Reeds: Joe Ivers, Don Buckmaster, Ian McEwen, and Jonathan Napper
Brass: Pete Andrick, Kermit Prill, Paul Roache, Bob Hawkins, John Robertson, and Dave Busch
Percussion: Ted Mueller
Bass: Kathy Kirchner

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