SHENANDOAH (logo on the way)

book by James Lee Barett, Peter Udell, and Philip Rose
music by Gary Geld
lyrics by Peter Udell


August 12th and 19th at 8 pm
August 20th at 2:30 pm and 8 pm
August 14th and 21st at 2:30 pm
At the Historic Anderson Theater in The Henry Ford Museum
Produced in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.


This colorful and dramatic saga is based on the film that starred James Stewart as a strong-willed Virginia farmer trying to keep his family neutral as the Civil War rages. Union forces and the Confederates see things only in shades of Blue or Grey, so the family is inevitably swept up in the conflict against all odds. Their story is a heart-warming and heart-rending portrayal of the upheaval that left wounds on the land and its people for generations to come. The Tony® Award-winning Broadway production ran for more than 1000 performances and toured extensively.


Director, Brian Townsend
Assistant Director, Alex Gojkov
Music Director, G. Kevin Dewey
Choreographer, Paul Bruce
Producers, Marybeth Kinnell and James Mayne
Stage Manager, James Mayne
Technical Director, David Reynolds II
Set Design, Brian Townsend
Master Carpenter, Gordon Mosely
Set Construction & Painting, Michael Bollman, Chris Boudreau, John Calder, Maura Donovan, Mike Falzon, Kurtys Hipkins, Jim Kirwan, Stan LaFramboise, Angie Lai, Nick Marek, James Mayne, Michael Mayne, Matt Miazgowicz, Paul Morgan, Mike Moeseley, Dave Reynolds II, John Sczomak, Adrienne Walling, Philip Walling, Patrick Wolocko, and David Wood
Lights & Sound, Dave Reynolds II
assisted by Patti Jones, Chris Boudreau, Frann Stempek, Stan LaFramboise, and Mike Falzon
Costumes, Mary Calder
assisted by Carol Boyke, Kim Donovan, Diane Kalpan, Marie Kinnell, Pat LaFramboise, George Miller, Jana Smith, Anne Suchyta, and Fran Walker
Special thanks to Brian Egan for the use of his Civil War clothing and to Dearborn High.
Hair & Make-up, Frann Stempek, Bob Jones, and the cast
Properties, Mary Ann Denyer, Floyd Bell, John Calder, Mary Calder, Brian Egan, Pat Denyer, Steve Gautreau, Marie Kinnell, and Brian Townsend
Publicity, Meredith Ferry, Erin Ostrowski, James Mayne and Angela Keller Pelc
Programs, Kori Bielaniec, Nancy Valentini, and Brian Townsend
Tickets, Bob Jones, Richard Moore, and Megan Lizbinski
Ushers, Patti Jones


Flute, Teri Rae Martin
Clarinet, Dan Shivel
Trumpet, Bob Hawkins, Paul Abbott
Horn, Arelene Peters, Karen Nixon Lane
Trombone, Andy James
Violin, Stephanie Reisdorf
Cello, Harry Davis
Harp, Anne Brege, Christa Grix
Piano, Organ, Celeste, Kevin Dewey
Guitar, Banjo, Anthony Lai
Acoustic Bass, Dan Jones
Percussion, Ian Kushnir
Special thanks to First United Methodist Church, Dearborn and Henry Ford Community College


Charlie Anderson, Mike Moseley
Jacob Anderson, Paul Morgan
James Anderson, Ken Kilgore
Nathan Anderson, Michael Bollman
John Anderson, Nick Marek
Henry Anderson, Matt Miazgowicz
Jenny Anderson, Maura Donovan
Robert Anderson, Quentin Jensen
Anne Anderson, Anna Hnatiuk Dewey
Gabriel, Alberice Jarreau
Sam, Jacob Dombrowski
Rev. Byrd, Lindel Salow
Men’s Chorus, Charles Bollman, Mark Byars, Tim Carney, Robert Murray, Michael Powaser, Scott Rider, Mark Ripper, Will Turbett, and Philip Walling
Women’s Chorus, Jacqueline Fenton, Kathy Fothergill, Sally Hart Goodman, Cjersti Jensen, and Sarah Kornacki

See photographs taken by Mary Ann Denyer during Final Dress Rehearsal

Cast and Crew Digitized by Vicki Morgan