The Addams Family


The Addams Family was performed July 16th – 19th, 2015.

The Crew

Director: Brian Townsend
Music Director: Carissa Madley
Choreographer: Emma Garber
Assistant Directors: Kori Bielaniec and Kevin Talanges
Piano: Joe Moss
Ukulele: Sarah Randall
Executive Producer: Richard Moore
Producers: Tim Carney, Chris Boudreau, and Jeff Bartos
Associate Producer: Raouf El-Alami
Stage Manager: Dave Wood assisted by Margaret Tyler and the Cast
Set Construction and Painting: Dave Wood, John Sczomak, Chris and Molly Boudreau, Dave Kanclez, Rich Marengere, Dave Slanec, Terry Crandall, Brad Garber, Mark Walton, Annette Ripper, Brian Townsend, Kevin Talanges, and Emma and Katie Garber
Lights and Sound: Chris Boudreau, John Sczomak, and Dave Kanclez
Costumes: Bobbie Justice, Casey Irwin, Sara Justice, Mary Calder, Emma Scott, Inez Hernandez, and Karen Drugacz
Hair and Make-Up: Kori Bielaniec, Sarah Randall, Katelyn Harrison, and Casey Irwin Special thanks to Sandi Haney (Brazen Cosmetics)
Properties: Tim Carney, Diane Cliff, Raouf El-Alami, Dave Slanec, Jeff Bartos, Brian Townsend, and Emma Garber
Tickets: Lois Sczomak and Tracey Boudreau
Special Thanks To: Mike Moseley, the Board of Governors, Greg Phillip Viscomi, Valerie Haas, Deb Smith, Diane Kaplan, Suzy Griemel, Amy Moore, and the parents of our cast members

The Cast

Gomez: Trevor Berry
Morticia: Jenny Lessnau
Wednesday: Lia Bertucci
Uncle Fester: Kyle David Cochran
Pugsley: Peter Moore
Grandma: Marjorie Gaber
Lurch: Ian Duma
Mal Beineke: Allen Maxson
Alice Beineke: Rachel Ogger
Lucas Beineke: William Dunn

The Addams Ancestors:
Matt Apostle, Andrew Oswald, Anthony Pierzynowski, Noah Wisniewski, Sydney Balan, Grace Bertucci, Katie Rose Garber, Ian Haas, Quinn Higgins, Emma Scott, Heather Slanec

Show Photos by Marni Mayne