November 9-10, 16-18, and 23-25, 2001
Produced in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.


The way Paula McFadden lets good men slip away, she ought to be called “The Goodbye Girl.” Just when she begins to close off her emotions from everyone but her daughter, Lucy, an actor named Elliot knocks on her door with a lease to sub-let her apartment. Like it or not (and she doesn’t), they are forced to form a most uncomfortable family. Based on Neil Simon’s quirky film romance of the same name, this show has priceless Simon zingers, delicious Hamlisch tunes, and an unforgettable swipe at Richard III.


Director, Valerie Haas
Assistant Director, Sally Hart Goodman
Musical Director, Ken Pletzer
Choreography, Amy Hendrickson
Producer, Jeff Ostrowski
Assistant Producer, Maria Kovac
Stage Manager, Mark Byars
Set Design, Kirk Haas
Set Construction & Painting, Kirk Haas, John Calder, Gordon Mosley, Mark Byars, Jeff Flannery, Marybeth Oravec, Karen Wisniewski, Paul Vandevert, Joan Harder, Jeff Ostrowski, Sue Dobies, Andrea Stokfisz, Robin Blesener, Nancy Wolter, Glee Boersma, Annette Ripper, Patti Jones, and Brian Townsend
Lights & Sound, Alan Smithee Jr. and Alfred Jones
assisted by Michael Falzon, Steve Gautreau, Cindy Hintz, Jeff Ostrowski, Gordon Mosley, Jeff Flannery, and Paul Vandevert
Costumes, Mary Calder
assisted by Andrea Stokfisz, Marsha Krause, Jane Ripper, Karen Prusiewicz, Patty Booth, Joan Harder, and Glee Boersma
Special thanks to the cast
Hair & Make-up, Sally Goodman
assisted by the Cast, and the Hair & Make-up Committee
Props, Robin Blesener
assisted by Jana Smith, Pat LaFramboise, Brian Townsend, Colleen Meade, Kathy Gizicki, and Tom Morgan
Publicity, Cindy Hintz
Programs, Brian Townsend
assisted by Jeff Ostrowski and Karen Decker
Tickets, Richard Moore, Patti Jones, and Bob Jones
Ushers, Debbie Pletzer
Afterglow, Becky Byars
Cast & Crew, Patty Booth


Lucy McFadden, Caitlin Donovan
Paula McFadden, Kim Donovan
Billy, Brian Townsend
Donna, Emily Tyrybon
Jenna, Sue Steiner
A Dancer, Amy Hendrickson
Cynthia, Ashley Ostrowski
Melanie, Courtney McKenna
Mrs. Crosby, Patricia Jones
Elliot Garfield, Philip Booth
Mark, Rich Bulleri,
Stage Manager, Val Sisto
Cast of Richard III, Julie Ann Dobies, Jeff Flannery, Sally Hart Goodman, Rebecca Martin, Val Sisto, and Jim Wagner
The Audience from Hell, Mark Byars, Kirk Haas, Sue Steiner, Emily Tyrybon, Meghan Symons, and Brian Townsend
Mark’s Mother, Julie Ann Dobies
TV Floor Manager, Rebecca Martin
TV Announcer, Brian Townsend
Ricky Simpson, Jeff Flannery

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Cast and Crew Digitized by Amy Hendrickson