by Alfred Uhry


January 12-13, 19-21, and 26-27, 2001
Produced in cooperation with Dramatists Play Services, Inc


In Atlanta, Georgia in December, 1939, while Gone With the Wind is having its world premiere and Hitler is invading Poland, Atlanta’s elitist German Jews are much more concerned with who is going to Ballyhoo, the social event of the season. Our focus is on the Freitag family: Adolph, the bachelor, his widowed sister, Beulah (Boo)Levy, and widowed sister-in-law, Reba. Boo is determined to have dreamy, unpopular daughter Lala attend. Adolph brings his assistant, Joe Farkas, home for dinner. Joe, Brooklyn born and bred, is of Eastern European heritage – which, in Beulah’s opinion, is several social rungs below the Freitags. Lala, however, is charmed by Joe and hints about being taken to Ballyhoo, but he turns her down! Boo is enraged and matters get even worse when Joe falls for Lala’s cousin. Will Boo succeed in snaring Peach Weil, a member of one of the finest Jewish families in the South? Will Sunny and Joe avoid the land mines of prejudice? Will Lala ever get to Ballyhoo?


Director – Michael P. Falzon
Assistant Director – Karen Groves
Producer – Karen Decker
Stage Manager – John Calder,
assisted by Ben Comerzan
Set Design – Michael P. Falzon
Set Construction & Painting – John Calder, Philip Booth, Mark Byars, Ben Comerzan, Gordon Mosley, Richard Moore, David Reynolds, Paul Vandevert, and Jeff Ostrowski
Lights & Sound – Steve Gautreau,
assisted by Alice Gautreau, David Reynolds, Cindy Hintz, and Paul Vandevert
Costumes – Matthew Calder,
assisted by Mary Calder, Diana Reynolds, Camilla Lunsford, Julia Hoglan, and Andrew Stokfisz
Special Thanks to Shirley Francis
Hair & Make-Up – Jackie Dienes,
assisted by Sally Goodman, Hair & Make-Up Committee and Cast
Special Thanks to Keith Meservy, Manager, Hudson’s Salon Somerset
Props – Mark Ripper,
assisted by Annette Ripper, Edythe DeGrazia, Mark Byars, Becky Byars, Julie Yolles, and the Props Committee
Publicity – Jane Pfeifer,
assisted by Debbie Pletzer, Nancy Valentini, and Julie Yolles
Programs – Nancy Valentini,
assisted by Karen Decker, Jane Pfeifer, and Brian Townsend
Tickets – Richard Moore and Bob Jones
Ushers – Ron Williams, Jr.
Afterglow – Jeff Ostrowski


Lala Levy – Julie Yolles
Reba Freitag – Jeanine Matlow
Boo Levy – Robin Blesener
Adolph Freitag – Dennis Decker
Joe Farkas – Ron Williams, Jr.
Sunny Freitag – Maria Kovac
Peachy Weil – Brian Townsend

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Cast and Crew Digitized by Michael Falzon