Performances: November 8–10, 15–17, 22–24 and 29–December 1, 2013


book, music and lyrics by Rupert Holmes
adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens
produced in cooperation with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

It’s 1892 and The Music Hall Royale is premiering its newest show, The Mystery of Edwin Drood — a musical adaptation of the last story ever written by Charles Dickens. Edwin Drood has disappeared on a snowy Christmas Eve. Was he murdered? If so, who is the murderer? The answer was never revealed in the book as Dickens died before finishing the story, leaving no clues as to its outcome. That is, until tonight, as the players turn to the audience to vote from a litany of suspects, all of who have their motives for Drood’s disappearance! You can see the audience choices for each performance below.

Performance Date          Murderer              Datchery                          Lovers

November 8            Rev Crisparkle            Helena Landless            Puffer and Deputy
November 9            Rev Crisparkle            Bazzard                       Puffer and Durdles
November 10           Rosa                         Neville Landless            Helena and Deputy
November 15           Rosa                         Bazzard                       Helena and Durdles
November 16           Rev Crisparkle            Helena                        Puffer and Durdles
November 17           Neville Landless          Bazzard                       Puffer and Durdles
November 22           Rev Crisparkle            Bazzard                       Helena and Neville
November 23           Rev Crisparkle            Bazzard                       Puffer and Durdles
November 24           Princess Puffer            Rev Crisparkle              Helena and Durdles
November 29           Princess Puffer            Bazzard                       Helena and Durdles
November 30           Princess Puffer            Bazzard                       Helena and Durdles
December 1             Rosa                   Bazzard                       Puffer and Jasper


Director, Michael Falzon*
Choreographer/Stage Manager, Janeen Bodary*
Music Director, Julie Malloy*
Casting Governor, Bob Jones
Co-Producers, Jeff Bartos** and Chris Boudreau**
Assistant Director, Kori Bielaniec
Stage Crew, Shardai Davis, Lexie Kaplan, Jade Reynolds, Molly Boudreau, and Luke Boudreau
Set Design, Kirk Haas and Brian Townsend
Lighting Design, David Reynolds, II
Lights & Sound, David Reynolds II*, John Sczomak, Dave  Kanclerz, and David Wood
Master Carpenter, Gordon Mosley
Set Construction & Painting, Floyd Bell, Lynne Lewis-Bell, Chuck Bollman, Sally Goodman, Ross Grossman, Deb Kales, Cole and Kirk Haas, Kurtys Hipkins, Dave Kanclerz, Lexie Kaplan, Ken Kilgore, Stan LaFramboise, Michael Mayne, Dorota Poznanski, David Reynolds, II, John Sczomak, Jana Smith, Paul Vandevert, and David Wood
Portrait of Rosa Bud, Aric Liljgren
Hair & Makeup, Kimberly Elliot, assisted by Lindel Salow*, Chuck Demske, Jacqueline Dienes, Julie Brown, Shelby Holmes, Tony Badalamenti, and Michael Bollman
Costumes, Karen Drugacz* and Mary Calder* assisted by Diane Kaplan, Margaret Kinnell, Patricia LaFramboise, Betty Wilson, George Miller, Jana Smith, Michael Falzon, Diane Cliff, Colleen Meade-Ripper, Nasir Khawaja, and the Cast
Properties, MaryAnn Denyer, assisted by Pat Denyer, Brian Townsend, Allison Gilbert, Diane Cliff, James Mayne, and Chris Boudreau
Publicity, Mike Moseley, assisted by Sue Suchyta, Mike Mayne, Mary Calder, Karen Drugacz, Ken Kilgore, Lois and John Sczomak, Jeff Bartos, Sydnee Rider, and Brian Townsend
Programs, Brian Townsend and Kori Bielaniec
Tickets, Bob Jones, Jennifer Trahey, Megan Lizbinski, and Richard and Amy Moore
AfterGlow & Cast and Crew, Tracey Boudreau and Marsha Bennett-Kraus
50/50 Raffle, Jeff Bartos and Rebecca Hermen
Intermission, Tracey and Molly Boudreau, Mary Calder, and Richard, Peter,and Julian Moore
Ushers, Shari and Mike Mayne, assisted by Members of the Guild


Mr. William Cartwright, Chairman – Brian Townsend*

Mr. Clive Paget / JOHN JASPER – Mitch Bradley**

Miss Alice Nutting / EDWIN DROOD – Lindsey Brenz**

Miss Angela Prysock / THE PRINCESS PUFFER – Valerie Mould**

Miss Deidre Peregrine / ROSA BUD – Kimberly Elliott*

Miss Janet Conover / HELENA LANDLESS – Colleen Meade-Ripper*

Mr. Victor Grinstead / NEVILLE LANDLESS – Nasir Khawaja**

Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe / THE REVEREND MR. CRISPARKLE – Chris Boudreau

Mr. Phillip Bax / BAZZARD – Inez Hernandez

Mr. Nick Cricker / DURDLES – Jake Dombrowski*

Master Nick Cricker / DEPUTY – Ryan Owen

Mr. James Throttle, Stage Manager & Barkeep – James Mayne

Miss Violet Balfour/Beatrice – Allison Gilbert

Miss Isabel Yearsley/Wendy – Meg Kisch

Miss Florence Gill – Diane Cliff

Miss Gwendolyn Pynn – Noreen Kurowski

Mr. Harry Sayle/Horace – Jeffrey Nelson

Mr. Montague Pruitt/Shade of Jasper – Connor Garcia

Mr. Alan Eliot – Tim Carney

Mr. Christopher Lyon – Jeff Lokken


Reeds, Ken Hebenstreit and Stacy Jamison
Trumpet, Pete Andrick
Trombone, John Robertson
Horn, Virginia Cunnigham
Bass, Kathy Kirchner
Keyboard, Ron Peitrantoni
Percussion, Paul Sikorski
Director, Julie Malloy*

See the show photos by – and courtesy of – Marni Mayne.

*Nominated for a 2013-14 PAGE Award
**Winner of a 2013-14 PAGE Award