April 27-29, May 4-6, 11-13, and 18-20, 2012
Played to full or nearly-full houses of delighted show-goers.
Produced in Cooperation with Music Theatre International


Max Bialystock was once one of Broadway’s most successful producers. However, a string of flops has thrown his career into a tailspin, and now he struggles to raise the cash to stage new shows by playing gigolo to lonely old ladies. While going over his books, accountant Leo Bloom notices that Bialystock raised more money than he spent for one show, and points out that if one raised enough money for a show that closed in one night, you could make more off a flop than a hit. This strikes Bialystock as a brilliant scheme, and he successfully persuades Bloom to join him in staging the world’s greatest flop. After discovering a truly vile script—Springtime for Hitler, a musical set in the Third Reich written by neo-Nazi pigeon fancier Franz Liebkind—and giving a key role to their secretary Ulla, a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with only a tenuous understanding of the English language, Bialystock and Bloom are certain they have the disaster they need for their plan to work. The plan fails when Springtime for Hitler is a smash hit that will “run for years.” Max and Leo wind up in Sing-Sing where they organize the prisoners into another smash hit that propels the producers back to Broadway.


Co-Producers, Chris Boudreau and Loretta Bullock*
Director, Valerie Haas*
Assistant Director, Jeff Bartos
Music Director, Ken Pletzer
Choreographer, Valerie Mould
Stage Manager, Loretta Bullock
Stage Crew Crew Chief, Chuck Bollman
Stage Crew,  Jamie Tyler, Nick Marchetti, John Hutchinson, Richard Moore, Luke Boudreau, Laura Ingram, John Bullock, Mike Mayne, James Mayne, Ken Kilgore, Tim Carney, Chris Boudreau, Kirk Haas, Jeff Bartos, Pat Landino, and David Wood
Set Design, Kirk Haas
Master Carpenter, Gordon Mosley
Lighting Design, David R. Reynolds, II
Light & Sound Technicians, John Sczomak, Mike Maynes, Mike Moseley, Brad Martin, and Patti Jones
Sound Design, Stan Guarnelo
Set Construction & Painting, Kirk Haas, Ian Haas, Cole Haas, David Wood, Floyd Bell, Lynne Lewis Bell, James Mayne, Chris Boudreau, Luke Boudreau, Molly Boudreau, Ken Kilgore, Michael Falzon, Marybeth Damiano, Jeff Flannery, Stan LaFramboise, Pat Denyer, David Reynolds, II, John Calder, Kurtys Hipkins, Laura Ingram, Chuck Bollman, Michael Mayne, and Lois and John Sczomak
Hair & Makeup, Kimberly Elliott, Michael Bollman, and the cast
Costumes, Diane Kaplan and Mary Calder
assisted by Juliette Abbott, Floyd Bell, Lynn Lewis Bell, Chuck Bollman, Philip Booth, Emily Champoux, Shelley Coulter, Marybeth Damiano, Mary Ann Denyer, Michael Falzon, Kathy Giziki, Sally Goodman, Valerie Haas, Marni Hack, Kurtys Hipkins, Maddie Kaplan, Liz Mangan, Annette Ripper, Nancy Schuster, Jana Smith, Fran Walker, and the cast
Props, Mary Ann Denyer
assisted by Pat Denyer, Dave Wood, Brian Townsend, Frann Stempek, Kirk Haas, John Sczomak, and Chuck Bollman
Publicity, Meredith Ferry, Amy Moore, Richard Moore, Kori Bielaniec, Gordon Mosley, John Sczomak, Lois Sczomak, David Reynolds, II, James Mayne, Marni Hack, Dave Wood, and Mary Ann Denyer
Programs, Debbie Pletzer and Kori Bielaniec
Tickets, Bob Jones
assisted by Megan Lizbinski
with special thanks to Alan Ellias
Afterglow and Cast & Crew, Tracey Boudreau, Liz Mangan, Meredith Ferry, and Juliette Abbott
50/50 & Intermission, Jim Kirwan assisted by Guild members
Ushers, Shari Mayne and members of the Guild


Conductor & Keyboard, Ken Pletzer
Oboe, Kim Pollock
Flute, Teri Rae Martin
Clarinet, Andrew Nichols
Trombone, Dave Day
Trombone, Steve Feltner
Trumpet,  Paul Abbott
Trumpet,  Dave Jennings
Drums, Jason Quay


Max Bialystock – Brian Townsend*
Leo Bloom – Dan Hartley**
Roger DeBris – Phil Booth*
Franz Liebkind – Michael Falzon
Carmen Ghia – Alex Gojkov*
Ulla Svanson – Kimberly Elliott*
Stormtrooper Solist – Ken Kilgore
Ensemble – Michael Bollman, Tim Carney, Jacqueline Dienes, Laurie Doner, Kurtys Hipkins, Audrey Isrow, Lexie Kaplan, Patrick Landino, Jennifer Lizbinski, Jeff Lokken, Allison McClelland, Paul Morgan, Richard Moore, Susan Oliver, Scott Rider, Andrea Sevonty, Joelle Schade, Sue Steiner, and Tom Sparrow

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

*  Denotes 2011-2011 PAGE Award Nominee
**Denotes 2011-2011 PAGE Award Winner

Cast and Crew Digitized by Tom Sparrow