by Clare Boothe Luce


January 12-13, 19-21, 26-28, 2007
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Mary, who prefers to be know as Mrs. Stephen Hanes, thinks she has it all. That is, until her friends “accidentally” reveal that her husband has a mistress. Distraught by the news, Mary relies upon her socialite friends to help her through the crisis: the cynical Nancy, the naive Peggy, and the wearily sophisticated Sylvia and Edith. By following their well-intentioned but misguided advice, Mary falls from the pinnacle of 1930’s Manhattan society to the depths of personal despair. Only at her lowest does she realize who she truly is and what she truly wants – to be Mrs. Stephen Hanes again! With farcical pacing and amazing one-line zingers, The Women is a riotous comedy of manners.


Director, Paul Bruce
Assistant Director, Corrine Fine
Producer, Christine Toth O’Connell
Stage Manager, Kevin Rider
assisted by Tim Carney, Stan Guarnelo and Jim Kirwan
Set Design, Paul Bruce
Set Painting, John Calder and Jeff Flannery
Set Construction,  Jeff Flannery, John Calder, Gordon Mosley and Paul Vandevert
Light Design, Steve Gautreau
Sound, Phil Booth
Hair & Make-up, Andrea Hoglun and Tiffany Mullins
Costumes, Mary Calder and Dina Flannery
assisted by Becky Byars, Gail Nelson, Marge Sorensen, Nancy Schuster, Marsha Barnett-Krause, Edna Booth and The cast of The Women
Properties, Colleen Meade Ripper and Steve Stokfisz
Publicity, Dina Flannery and Stan Guarnelo
Programs, Anna Hnatiuk, Matt Ripper, Christine Toth O’Connell and Debbie Pletzer
Tickets, Stan Brescoll, Jr., Dina Flannery, Bob Jones and Carrie Serfass
Ushers, Debbie Pletzer
assisted by members of the Guild
Afterglow, Peggy Krug
50/50 & Intermission, Tim Carney


Mary,  Shawn Yardley
Sylvia,  Tiffany Mullins
Peggy,  Sydnee Dombrowski
Jane,  Emily Tyrybon
Little Mary,  Johanna Nimmo
Edith,  Margaret Winowiecki
Nancy,  Christine Toth O’Connell
Miriam,  Karlie Louks
Countess,  Annette Ripper
Mrs. Morehead, 
Valerie Nould
Crystal,  Claudia Walrad
Hairdresser #1, 
Trisha Ali
Hairdresser #2,  Dinah Tutein
Dina Flannery
Katrina Padley
Pedicurist,  Melody Nimmo
Miss Fordyce,  Sandra Deeering
First Girl,  Sandra Deering
Second Girl,  Nicki Schlehuber
1st Saleswoman (Miss Shapiro),  Trisha Ali
1st Model (Miss Myrtle),  Melody Nimmo
2nd Saleswoman,  Sharon Cagle
Fitter,  Dinah Tutein
2nd Model,  Ashley Ostrowski
Princess Tamara, 
Katrina Padley
Instructress,  Nicki Schlehuber
Maggie,  Sharon Cagle
Miss Watts,  Sandra Deering
Miss Trimmerback,  Dinah Tutein
Nurse,  Dina Flannery
Lucy,  Sharon Cagle
Helene,  Ashley Ostrowski
1st Cutie,  Nicki Schlehuber
2nd Cutie,  Melody Nimmo
1st Society Woman,  Sharon Cagle
2nd Society Woman, 
Dinah Tutein
Trisha Ali
Sadie,  Dina Flannery
Dowager,  Sandra Deering
Debutante,  Ashley Ostrowski
Girl in Distress, Katrina Padley

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

Cast and Crew Digitized by Sally Goodman