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In 2015, the Guild submitted a grant request to the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs seeking funds to repair and update the fly system on our stage. Our grant was approved, awarding the Guild $11,250 which the Guild must match. Today, work on those repairs began.

Northcoast Studios, a company that has done work for the Guild in the past, will replace seven of the flies including the rigging for the grand drape. They will attempt to do this work in three days so that work can begin on the set for The Mousetrap. In the first picture below you can see what the set looked like on Sunday, January 24, after the final performance of Cheaper by the Dozen.


Below is what the stage looked like about 9:30 on the evening of January 25.


And, below shows what the stage looked like on the morning of January 27. Northcoast Studio scaffolding is up against the fly rail.

John Sczomak, Gordie Mosley, Dave Wood, Chris Boudreau, and Dave Kanclez cleared the stage. David Reynolds II and Jeff Flannery stripped the flies.


The stage curtains are draped across the seats in the house.


Work on the flies has begun. Stay tuned for more news from the stage.

  1. It’s amazing how quickly everyone has worked and the progress that’s been made!

  2. Wow! You guys worked hard. Thank you John Sczomak, Gordie Mosley, Dave Wood, Chris Boudreau, Dave Kanclez, David Reynolds II, and Jeff Flannery!

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