Auditions for the Players Guild of Dearborn production of Rabbit Hole were held on the evenings of January 13 and 14. The play by David Lindsay-Abaire focuses on Becca and Howie who are trying to recover from the accidental death of their four-year-old son eight months earlier. When Becca’s sister Izzy, always the family troublemaker, announces that she is pregnant, Becca and Howie must come to terms with the new life in the family while dealing with their grief. Nat, Becca’s mother, complicates matters as she tries to comfort her daughter while still grieving over the death of her son, Arthur. Unexpectedly, Jason, the young man responsible for their son’s death, wishes to see them. Deeply humane, occasionally funny and always heartrending, Rabbit Hole explores the ways we deal with grief, both individually and as families.

Twenty-one people auditioned for the play which will be directed by Lindel Salow, a long-time veteran of the Guild stage. Salow will be assisted by Shardai Davis. Helping Salow and Davis make the difficult casting decisions were members of the Casting Committee: Bob Jones, Casting Governor, Patti Jones, Tiffany Mullins, Alan Ellias, Sally Goodman, Tim Carney, Jeff Bartos, Mike Moseley, Tom Sparrow, and John Sczomak. Sparrow and Sczomak will co-produce the show.

The people who auditioned were all given at least two opportunities to read scenes from the play. Some of the scenes are tense and emotional while others are quite comical. The readings gave auditionees an opportunity to show the committee what they can do.

The cast as chosen by the committee are:

Becca – Sarah Zakaria
Howie – Jeff Flannery
Nat – Roberta Shortt
Izzy – Kori Bielaniec
Jason – Kevin Talanges

Rabitt Hole opens at the Guild on March 7. Evening performances are scheduled for March 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, and 22 with an 8:00 curtain. Matinee performances are scheduled for March 9, 16, and 23 with a 2:30 curtain. Tickets are available on our TICKETS page.

Meanwhile, BoeingBoeing had a successful opening last weekend. The french farce under the direction of Brian Townsend is getting rave reviews. Six more performances are scheduled. Tickets are available on our TICKETS page.