I had a funny experience the other day. A woman named Mickey Johnson won the Guild’s 85th Anniversary Quilt Raffle. That was neat because she is an Honorary Member. Her husband Bob, who died several years ago, was a Past President of the Guild.

Micky has a summer home in Indian River, Michigan and she sent me an email telling me that she had the quilt on her bed there and was really enjoying it. I answered her email and told her we were pleased she had won and that we wanted a picture of her with the quilt. She said she would send one.

In a later email she asked if we would want a picture of her husband with Maurice Chevalier taken when Chevalier visited Dearborn in 1962. I said yes and that we would hang it someplace in the Guild. She also wondered if I knew who Chevalier was. I said of course I did and I told her I was 78. She wrote back and said she thought she’d been communicating with someone in his 30s.

A few days later I got an email from a Betty King. She is a former Guild member who lives in Dearborn. She told me that she had the Chevalier picture and I told her I would come and get it. So I drove over to her house.

When Mickey and I were corresponding about the picture I had an image of something like an 5″x7″ or 8″x10″ photo. See the attached photo. It shows the picture on the floor of the Guild office. Those are real office chairs next to it. It barely fit behind the seat in my truck. Ah, well, we’ll find someplace to hang it.


That’s Bob Johnson on the left shaking hands with Maurice Chevalier