From the President…

Summer Greetings,

This spectacular summer at the Guild continues to roll along. I wanted to take a moment and share some of the “goings on”. This time last year there were no seats in the Auditorium and no floor in the Club Room! This summer, after a great season in our improved building, the Guild is alive with activity of the theatrical kind. Every nook and cranny is filled with exciting activity and the energizing presence of young people!

We just finished the first of our TWO Guildlings productions. Into the Woods, Jr. was as fine a production of that Sondheim classic as any I’ve seen (including adult productions!) Our kids were AMAZING. I was glad that so many of you got to see it. We had a great turnout! Congratulations to Director Greg Viscomi and his production team for this wonderful beginning to our summer shows! This was a great combined effort of parents, who are not “regulars” at the Guild and the awesome work of many of our Governors their committees. This summer is helping to remind us that we are truly a year-round operation!

As we finish Into the Woods, our next show Charlotte’s Web the Musical has taken the stage for their rehearsals as they prepare for their opening night on July 31st. Director Val Haas and her great team are feverishly working with our younger Guildlings on this delightful musical. Be sure not to miss it (and buy your tickets in advance. Lines on show nights can be long! Go to the website for tickets and more info).

Meanwhile, in our basement rehearsal space something remarkable is taking shape. One of the most talented groups of young adults I’ve seen in a long time is preparing an engaging production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream under the direction of the terrifically talented Katie Suchyta (a young adult herself!). This great show will open on August 15. Tickets are available on-line or at the box office on show nights.

A special thanks to the producing team that has been supporting these shows. Executive Producer Richard Moore, Producers Tim Carney and Jeff Bartos have managed to keep three shows happening with over 100 young people and parents (and the building is still intact!)

We are again working with our partners at the NSO (Neighborhood Services Organization) to host Starshine, our week long theatre camp for developmentally challenged young people. Under the guidance of Past President (and current Building Chair), John Sczomak and direction by our own Margaret Kinnell, Starshine will again bring the Magic of Live Theatre into the lives of these great young people. Starshine takes a lot of hands to make it work well. Please consider joining the team for all or any part of the week of August 4 – 8 for a profoundly rewarding and fun-filled experience. And certainly come to the show that culminates the week on Friday night, August 8 (it’s free!) For more information or to volunteer contact John at

And if that weren’t enough…we have begun preparations for our 87th season. Tonight (Tuesday, July 22) is the second night of auditions for our first show, the hilarious, The 39 Steps. Director Alan Ellias is bringing his brilliant comic touch to this wildly creative evening of theater. We will continue tonight with registration at 6:30pm and auditions at 7:30pm. Visit the website for more info.

Speaking of The 39 Steps, our Properties Governor, MaryAnn Denyer is looking for two 8 foot wooden ladders. If you have access to one or two please let her know.

You should have received your Season Ticket flyer by now (if you didn’t let me know). This beautiful flyer was designed by our hard working Ticket Governor, Megan Lizbinski and the multi-talented Brian Townsend. Please share this with friends and family. We have a few more at the Guild if you need extra. Our best fund-raising opportunity is selling tickets to our shows. If every member got one person to buy a season ticket (who didn’t last year) we would exceed our budget for this year. That kind of increase is worth $14,000 – that’s real money to work at paying down our building debt! And based on the reaction I’m getting from friends and family, we’ve got a GREAT season coming up! So, let’s get people to come and experience what we have always known to be true…at the Players Guild of Dearborn you will truly experience The Magic of Live Theatre!

See you soon,

Mike Moseley, President