This contemporary masterpiece tells the story of car saleswoman Becky Foster and the chance encounter that split her life in two. This middle-aged wife, mother, and career woman suddenly gets entangled in an affair with billboard magnate Walter Flood after he wanders into her dealership and the two of them have a serious of ridiculous miscommunications. Our heroine tries her best to discreetly live both of her lives to their fullest, an effort that becomes increasingly frantic as her two worlds get pulled closer and closer together. Flying by the seat of her pants and enlisting the help of some kind audience members along the way, Becky lives out a midlife crisis that simultaneously gives her everything she’s ever wanted and threatens to take away all the good things she already has. This play is truly unique, not only shining a light on the stresses of everyday life for modern women but also getting the audience directly involved in the action all the way through. You will not want to miss this hysterical, emotional, one-of-a-kind story when it graces our stage!

PERFORMANCE DATES: March 10-12, 17-19, 24-26,

BECKY (REBECCA) FOSTER : Julie Ballantyne Brown

JOE FOSTER : Patrick Davidson

CHRIS FOSTER: Casey Coulter



STEVE: Matt Ripper

GINGER: Betty Berryman