Book by Noël Coward

Performances: January 12 –14, 19–21, & 26–28, 2024
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., Sundays at 2:30 p.m.

Kristen Campbell Lynch

They say “true love never dies” and for one fussy, cantankerous novelist that is certainly true! In this spirited classic, Charles Condomine is a temperamental writer, who is haunted — literally — by the spirit of his first wife, the vivacious Elvira, after she is mistakenly summoned during a seance by a medium, Madame Arcati. Charles suddenly finds himself in the middle of a most otherworldly love triangle, between Elvira and his second wife Ruth, as both women vie for his affections. Elvira, however, is determined to have Charles all to herself, even if it means finding a way for him to join her in the afterlife. Lighthearted and endearing, this otherworldly story combines farce, emotion and wit to goosebump-giving effect.

In reference to the character descriptions below—

The characters in this show are written with he/him or she/her pronouns as you will see in the following descriptions. However, we seek to be as inclusive as possible and ask actors to list on the audition form the roles they most identify with.

The ages listed in the descriptions are the “playing ages” of characters. Actors who fall out of these parameters with respect to their own chronological age may still audition for any role.

Charles Condomine 30s-40s: An English novelist, Charles is sophisticated, witty and intelligent, but temperamental. Charles finds himself in a love triangle between his wife and his dead wife.

Ruth Condomine 30s-40s: Charles’ second wife. Smart, practical and a bit stuffy. She is desperate to exorcise Elvira and get their lives back to normal.

Elvira age 20s-30s: The deceased first wife of Charles, now a ghost. Vivacious and manipulative, with a wicked sense of humor. She is jealous of Ruth and determined to have Charles all to herself.

Madame Arcati 40s-60s: ”The Happy Medium.” A local eccentric, who travels by bike. She is an effusive, larger than life character. It is through her that Elvira is summoned. She is not too extravagant but has a definite bias toward the barbaric.

Dr. Bradman 30s-50s: A doctor and friend of Charles and Ruth. A skeptic, he is sensible, serious and dry.

Mrs.Bradman 30s-50s: Wife of Dr. Bradman. Fair but faded, a bit silly and naive.

Edith 18+: The Condomines’ new maid. Edith is a bit clumsy and always moves in a hurry.

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