Dave Wood, our Stage Governor, reports a successful BoeingBoeingBuildBlitz this past weekend in spite of the snow and terrible road conditions. Dave says that members of the Stage Committee, along with the enthusiastic help of other Guild members, were able to complete the upstage platforms, all door frames, and the majority of the plugs. Dave says quite a bit of work still needs to be done. He also has declared the stage “usable for cast rehearsals.


Dave and President John during the BoeingBoeingBuildBlitz.IMG_0426

The upstage platforms.


Dave become a blur when he works.


The painted flats were part of a cityscape in the Drood set. Here they are repurposed as apartment walls for BoeingBoeing.

boeing set

The stage is “usable for rehearsal.” Note all the doors. They will get a lot of use in this fun-filled French farce.

Why not join the Stage Committee? 7:00pm on Thursday, December 19.