The Covid-19 pandemic struck the Guild in mid-March of 2020. We had a beautiful production of The Glass Menagerie on the boards at the time. After a successful opening weekend of three performances, we had to shut the production down due to “stay at home orders” that “closed” most of the states. The final six performances of the show were eventually cancelled as the “stay at home orders” dragged on.

At the same time, we had just finished casting Anything Goes and the rehearsal process was about to begin. “Stay at home” put and end to that and eventually to the remainder of our 2019-2020 season, our 2020 Guildlings Summer Season, and our 2020 StarShine Theatre Workshop.

Our Board of Governors have continued to meet and plan for reopening. Their meetings cannot be face-to-face because of the “stay at home orders” so they hold meetings via Zoom. They are hoping to be able to make more-or-less firm decisions about reopening in the not too distant future.

Desperate to be on-stage, a group of Guild people produced Miscast Cabaret a two act variety show of “stay at home” acts produced on YouTube. Act I and Act II may be seen by clicking the links below.

Covid-19 has hit the Guild pretty hard. But, we’re about to enter our 93rd season and to paraphrase a song from Spamalot

We’re not dead yet
We can dance and we can sing
We’re not dead yet
We can do the highland fling
We’re not dead yet
No need to go to bed
No need to call a doctor
‘Cos we’re not dead yet.

We’ll be back