Conceived and originally directed by John-Michael Tebelak
Music and new lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Originally produced on the New York stage by
Edgar Lansbury / Stuart Duncan / Joseph Beruh

Godspell is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MIT). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. www.mtishows.com

Calling all Teen Guildlings!

We are officially putting on a show!
Auditions are coming soon for Godspell, and we can’t wait to see you all — it has been far too long!

Godspell was the first major musical theatre offering from three-time Grammy and Academy Award winner, Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Children of Eden), and it took the world by storm. Led by the international hit, “Day by Day,” Godspell features a parade of beloved songs, including “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord,” “Learn Your Lessons Well,” “All for the Best,” “All Good Gifts,” “Turn Back, O Man” and “By My Side.”

*Please note, we may continue adding information as it is finalized.

Audition dates: June 14 and 15, 2021. Those auditioning only need to attend one session.
Auditions will begin shortly after 6 PM. Please arrive by 6 PM to fill out audition forms and COVID protocol forms, and be ready to dance outside!


Director: Marc Walentowicz
Assistant Director: Molly Boudreau
Music Director: Melanie Aue
Choreographer: Emma Garber
Producers: Kori Bielaniec, Kristen Campbell, Kaitlyn Cross


Vocal Prep — you may sing 32 bars from ANY song in Godspell (and you may choose any part of the song). We very highly recommend that you choose a song that best showcases your vocal range.

Acting Prep — You will be provided with several short monologues from the show.
Dance prep: Be ready to learn a simple combination OUTSIDE, but you will perform on your own during your individual audition time.


August 12-15, 2021


TBD, we are scouting outside locations, which keeps in the original spirit of this beautiful show!


We will hold as many rehearsals as possible outside on Players Guild property.
The following Guild policy has been approved in conjunction with Guildlings auditions for next week’s Godspell auditions:

Since auditions are open to teens ages 13-19, and these ages are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, auditions are open to those who have had at least one shot (for those that are getting 2 doses) by next week, with the expectation that they will be fully vaccinated by the time the show opens.

Following CDC guidelines, those that are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons are exempt.

All of those cast, plus the production crew and anyone else who may need to enter the Players Guild building will be required to sign off on their vaccination status each time they enter the building (as has been standard since we have been able to be back in the building).

The Players Guild Board will continue reviewing policy as the CDC and State of Michigan revise guidelines.

Please make sure to bring a mask with you to auditions, although we do have masks available at the Guild for anyone that forgets.

We thank you all for understanding our desire to get back to live theater while simultaneously keeping all performers, crew, and members as safe as possible. We can’t wait to see you next week!


Available roles (please note, all character names are the names of the original actors. When cast, you will use your own name in the show. These roles are not gender-specific; anyone may audition for the named roles).

Must be the most charismatic individual in the cast. High energy, charming, funny, gentle but with strength, the sort of person others instinctively follow. Songs include “Save the People,” “All For The Best,” “Alas For You” ands “Finale.”

John The Baptist/Judas
Has attributes of both Biblical figures: They are both Jesus’ lieutenant and most ardent disciple and the doubter who begins to question and rebel. Like Jesus, they are also charismatic, but in more of an overt revolutionary way. They are the most “serious” and intellectual of the group, though as with all the actors, they must still possess a good sense of physical comedy. Songs Include “Prepare Ye” and “All For The Best.”

Very high energy. Impish and playful. They sing “All Good Gifts.”

Not the brightest in the bunch and a little slow on the uptake. But there is a great sweetness and innocence here. They “Sing We Beseech Thee.”

The comedian, the class clown. The one who can do a hundred voices and imitations. They sing a solo in “Light Of The World.”

A bit “tomboyish”, but basically open and sweet and the first of the group to commit to following Jesus in the song “Day by Day.”

The confident one, the show-off. The first one to volunteer, sometimes jumping in before understanding what’s going on. They Sing “O Bless The Lord.”

The shy one. Sometimes a little slow to get things, always committing all the way in the end. Has an “earth mother” kind of warmth. They sing “By My Side.”

Sassy and slightly cynical, the most urban of the group. Also the “sexy” one, but the sexiness contains a large element of put-on, in the manner of Mae West or Madonna (who in fact once played this role.) They sing “Turn Back O Man.”

Another class clown. Goofy and a cut-up. In the 2012 Broadway revival, the character played several instruments, including conga, ukulele, and guitar. They Sing “Learn Your Lessons Well.”


A small group of people help Jesus Christ tell different parables by using a wide variety of games, storytelling techniques and hefty doses of comic timing. An eclectic blend of songs, ranging in style from pop to vaudeville, is employed as the story of Jesus’ life dances across the stage. Dissolving hauntingly into the Last Supper and the Crucifixion, Jesus’ messages of kindness, tolerance, and love come vibrantly to life.

Boasting a score with chart topping songs, a book by a visionary playwright (John-Michael Tebelak) and a feature film, Godspell is a sensation that continues to touch audiences. Because of its small technical demands and minimal cast size, it has become a staple of theatre companies, large and small.