Is This Seat Taken

A scenic comedy by Brian Townsend

The show was rehearsed and taped at the Players Guild of Dearborn and is being presented virtually.


In a series of rapid-fire scenes, Is This Seat Taken? takes us to any bar in any town on any night. With phrases like “The usual, please,” “Bottoms up,” “What’s your sign?” and “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” as guides, we go on a roller coaster ride of first drinks, first dates, fancy cocktails, bad pick-up lines, relentless romantics, awkward dancing and more. As one reviewer put it, “If you don’t recognize a few of these characters, you might need to get out more!” But things are rarely what they seem and, more often than not, the order is served with a twist.


Director, Brian Townsend
Assistant Director, Mike Moseley
Producers, Colleen Meade Ripper, Tim Carney, and Janeen Bodary


In Alphabetical Order …
Kori Bielaniec, Madeleine Bien, Julie Ballantyne Brown, Alex Gojkov, Stephen Sedore, and Tom Varitek

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