Guild member Paul Bruce, Director of Arsenic and Old Lace, is a teacher at Salina Intermediate School in Dearborn. Whenever Paul is associated, either acting or directing, with an appropriate show at the Guild, he makes arrangements for a group of about 200 students, staff, and parents to attend the show. On the day after the show, the kids write “reviews” of the show, telling what they liked best or how they felt about the experience.

Here are some excerpts from the reviews. Please keep in mind that many of these students are ESL kids (English as a Second Language), some of whom are in their first year in America. The photos were taken in the lobby of the Guild as the kids left for home after the show.

“I think that the play I went and seen last night was hilarious. Arsenic and the Old Ladies my favorite actors were Abby and Martha because they were so sweet and even a little loony. Like the reception/funeral for all the old men that they poisoned with their elderberry wine which I just found out was really just water.”

Cast members Rich Bulleri, Ken Overwater, and Tom Sparrow pose with two of the students after the show. That’s Director Paul Bruce in the background.

“My favorite characters in the play are the two aunts. Also Mortimer was very smart into make it look like Teddy did kill those 13 people even though the cops didn’t believe there were 13 people. Basically Mortimer was fixing to save his two aunts from going to prison.”

Cast members Joe Munem and Marc Walentowicz pose with three of the students.

“I really enjoyed Arsenic and Old Lace. It was really spooky and funny. The funniest parts mostly involved Teddy yelling CHARGE. I laughed so hard. The scariest part was when Jonathan tried to kill Mortimer. It really scared me and my friends. I also laughed when Dr. Einstein talked. His accent was really funny.”

Cast Member Guy Copland, who plays the evil Jonathan, greets Salina students after the show.