Last night was the first night of auditions for the Guild’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific. There was a really good turn-out … about 35 adults and five children. There were many new faces and a lot of talent.

Following the children’s auditions, the men who were auditioning went into the Club Room to dance for our Choreographer, Laura Tyler. Laura had them learn some of the steps for Luther’s dance in the Honey Bun number. The women sang.

Music Director Julie Malloy ran the singing portion of the auditions, first reviewing with groups of singers what they would be singing. Then the singers went solo to show what they had. There were a lot of good voices.

When the men were through dancing and the women were through singing, they switched places and the men sang and the women danced.

When the dancing and singing were over, Director Brian Townsend put the auditionees through their paces with the scene reading. Brian frequently encouraged people to “relax,” “breathe,” and “have fun.” Brian has restructured some of the scenes so the people reading didn’t find themselves in “one liner” situation.

Tuesday night, there will be a final night of auditions. Come on down and help us create the magic of live theatre.

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