The cast met for the first time on Monday evening. Everyone was there and there was an electric excitement in the Guild’s Clubroom as new members met old members and friends greeted friends.

There was business to be done. New members went through the dues collection process. The Producers, Valerie Haas and Richard Moore, distributed scripts and collected script desposits. Val went through the Guild’s Policies and Procedures which spell out the rules and regulations of the Guild.

Brian Townsend, our Director, passed out a cast contact list and a rehearsal schedule. He explained the schedule and went through the details of how rehearsals would work.

Brian asked everyone to introduce themselves and the two kids, Jamie Pasche (Ngana) and Alia Elhajj (Jerome) stole the show with their exuberant descriptions of their excitement about being in the cast. Many of the new people expressed their happiness about being there.

The read-through went smoothly. Brian cued his iPad and played excerpts from the show’s songs at the appropriate places. Everyone seem to enjoy the reading and their was lots of laughter.

South Pacific is a beautiful show, but one that won’t be easy to do. It will be a long, tough slog to opening night on November 14, but I think it will be fun-filled.

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