The following are FaceBook posts about the 2014 edition of Starshine.

August 4 – John Sczomak posted “Morris Goodman was always a big supporter of the Starshine Theatre Workshop. I hope he would approve. The first day after a year off was great, thanks to the phenomenal work of Margaret, Brett, Sara, Brittany, Caleb, Tom and David from the guild, and Nicole, Mohammed and the other NSO Life Choices staff. The kids had a ball and everybody’s looking forward to tomorrow. Come down to the guild and visit.”


August 4 – Brett Barker posted “Jumpin’ John, I second that emotion! Folks, please stop in and see the great work that Musical Margaret and the Players Guild of Dearborn is doing with these kids! Terrific Thomas Sparrow, Super Sara, Brave Brittany, Barking Brett, and Kookie Caleb know that Marvelous Morris would be pleased!!!”


August 5 – John Sczomak posted “Starshine Day 2 was very full – singing, dancing, making videos, using lighting gels to make “stain glass” collages. Kids had a great time. Thanks to PGDers Margaret, Brett, Tom, Hailey, Maria, Julie, Joe, Scout, Suzy and Dave, and NSO’s Jackie, Bianca, Arlean, Renee, Justin. So great and humbling to see so many give their time and talent for this. Big thanks to Park Place for donating lunch.”


August 6 – John Sczomak posted “Starshine Day 3 – improv, video recording, vocal and dance rehearsals, fittings for costumes, finishing headshots . 100% attendance for days 2 and 3. Much thanks to Brett, Maria, Sara, Brittany, Joe, Tom, David R., David W., Jeff, Karen, Mary, and Hailey from PGD, and Justin, Renee, and Jackie K. from NSO. Lunches donated by Little Caesars, Buddy’s and Chuck E. Cheese.”

August 6 – Brett Barker posted “Adding Diamond David, Jazzy Jeff, Quirky Cotumer Karen, Meticulous Mary, and Delightful David Wood to the growing list of STARSHINE TEAM PLAYERS just makes the whole experience that much richer. Great work all! Let’s spread the word about Friday nights performance at 7:00 at the Players Guild of Dearborn!”

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August 7 – John Sczomak posted “Another full day at Starshine. Rehearsing the show, another video segment made, working out some tech, an art activity, and capped off with an improv session. Thanks to Margaret, Bret, David R., Joe, Julie, Caleb Suzy, and Scout. Thanks also to Nicole, Brenda, Tonya, Janis (plus three volunteers) and Jackie R. Lunch generously supplied by the Chicken Shack in Warren. Free show tomorrow at 7pm.”

August 8 – Brett Barker posted “Hey, folks. Tonight (Friday, August 8, 2014) is The Players Guild of Dearborn’s Annual STARSHINE THEATER WORKSHOP at 7:00 p.m. The show is FREE. The performers are enthusiastic and inspiring beyond all imagining. The folks from NSO (under Jumpin’ John’s leadership) are dedicated and committed to the worthiest of missions. We’ve learned so much from these kids and on behalf of Musical Margaret Kinnel, Terrific Thomas Sparrow, Super Sara Williams, Barking Brett Reynolds ,Diamond David Reynolds II, Jazzy Jeff Bartos, Meticulous Mary Booth Calder, Jolly Julie Malloy, Quirky Costumer Karen, Sweet Sue Suchyta, Sassy Suzie Griemel, and a score of other Guild folks — I can say we just need one more thing to bring this week to a successful close– an appreciative audience! YES, THAT’S YOU!”

August 9 – John Sczomak posted “Starshine’s performance went great. The kids gave super performances to a very enthusiastic crowd of family, friends, Players Guild members and NSO staff. I can’t say enough about all the Players Guild members who gave their time and exceptional gifts for this. The best (and most poignant) comment of the night was from one of the participants who said “what are we doing tomorrow?” The NSO people did a magnificent job of making sure the participants got to the Guild on time everyday, got home, and did all the leg work in getting the donated lunches, on top of helping during the rehearsals, performance and afterglow. Thanks so much to everybody for all the donated goodies and all the last minute help. The families loved the afterglow and taking home their headshots. A collaboration like this happening once would be special, yet PGD and NSO have done this five times. Special thanks to Bret Reynolds for being there everyday, giving the kids a special experience and emceeing, and Julie Malloy for giving us her music and her voice. Thank you always, Margaret, for the script, your talent with the kids, and giving Starshine such a good start in 2009 and Jeff Ostrowski, for championing this at the beginning.”

August 9 – Mary Calder posted “We had a great time, you could tell the young people had such a great time, they loved Brett and all the helpers. Thank you NSO for coming to the guild and letting us share this special memory.”

August 9 – John Sczomak posted “What was really cool as well was how many new helpers we had this year – Suzy Greimel and Scout with choreography, Sara Williams, and Hailey working with the performers, Chris doing the lights, and maybe someday PGD members Brittany,and Julie’s students Caleb and Maria. And of course mainstays like Dave Reynolds, Tom Sparrow and David Wood who show up every year and make such a big contribution.”